Start up company Tips for Choosing The Ideal Office


There are an array of bright eyed new start up company popping up everywhere, with many deciding to take their chances and go forth with their dream of turning ideas and daydreams into reality. That is great news for the economy, which is slowly picking itself back up, but in the aftermath of recession, it can mean new start-ups can struggle to get the supporting funds they need in the beginning. So choosing an office isn’t just about having a place to call your business home anymore, there are many more aspects that need to be taken into account. The office experts Easy Offices offer their top tips for start-ups looking for their ideal office.

Location Isn’t Everything

In an ideal world, every business could afford a large, modern office right in the heart of the city. But in reality, those offices are extremely expensive to rent/own and aren’t necessary for start-ups, or any business for that matter.

Remote Working

The key to optimising cash flow, while still maintaining a good image on the face of it for your potential customers is to forget the image of your business for a second. We will come back to it, don’t worry. Just consider only what you need, what is the minimum cost space you could work from? If it’s just you for the time being, or maybe you and a business partner, then have you considered working from home in the beginning?

It’s rent free, there’s no drive each day to and from the office, and you can even claim some of your household bills and rent/mortgage payments as expenses for your business, saving you money all round. Remote working is one of the most popular options for start-ups in recent years, and even larger more established businesses are cutting costs by having smaller offices and allowing staff to work flexibly from home.

Making The Business Appear Professional

And what about client meetings, business addresses and phone numbers you ask? Simple, you can hire city centre offices and meeting rooms for anything from an hour up to a few months. So when you can appear to your customers to be professional without needing to fork out for the long lease contract of offices. And you can also rent P.O. Boxes and have separate landline telephone numbers in your home that can separate your business entirely from home life, making it appear much larger and more professional that it may seem underneath.

Renting a Country Office

If working from home isn’t an option, whether you know that you will already have several team members that you need in one place from the outset, or just don’t have the space or want to use your home for start up company purposes, then there are still office space options that can save you money.

The further out of the city offices get, the cheaper they become and often the more you get for your money, be it more space to the £1, better facilities, etc. So many businesses like to rent office spaces in more rural locations, out of the way of everything, and still keep up the image with meeting rooms and P.O. Boxes as mentioned before.

Though country offices are much cheaper and better value, there is the issue of how far to go, as you don’t want to be making a long trek from your home every time you want to go into the office, as you will likely spend most of your time there in the beginning, and you also need to consider how rural locations may be affected by weather, how far away staff members live, etc.

There are plenty more things to take into account when choosing where to run your business from, most of which will be personal to your situation. But we hope these handy money and time saving tips when it comes to starting your business.

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