Stylish lady’s and gentleman’s business office

From England to Australia, from the US to Japan, the world is full of diligent workers. All these workers have needs, though. Regardless of how much they love their jobs, after a while, they feel the stress and pressure due to working long and hard hours. Alas, the jobs must be done, what can you do? Well, extensive research has shown that changing the environment and updating the design is essential for the well-being of any worker.

1. Home sweet office for the businesswoman

Women today seem to be superheroes. They take care of the family and the house while also working. When taking so much care of everything else, it’s easy to forget about yourself. This is why women who work at home should create their own oasis.

Working from home is ideal if you have a family, as you get to keep an eye on everything while still making money. Of course, it can be hard to separate your work life from your personal life with the kids all up in your business.

This is why setting boundaries is essential. If you have a whole room as your office, decorate it so everything you need is in one place. There should be almost no need to leave the office during the work hours you set. This means thinking of adequate storage space but also equipment.

You don’t want your office to be cramped and cluttered, though. Wicker baskets make for great storage spaces, as you can add or remove as much as you want. Each basket can be for something else. Your important papers are here and your healthy snacks are there. It’s the perfect filing system. The office should also be filled with things that make you happy. Everything from curtains, wall colour, and the tiles should inspire positive emotions.

2. Office sweet home for the stay at home dad

There is a lot of pressure on the modern man, as well. More and more fathers want to be involved with family life but they also need to provide for their children. This is why you’ll notice the increase in stay at home dads working from home.

Sometimes it’s the wife that needs to visit the office daily, so the responsibility of the house and the kids fall on the dad. This all fine and well, but he needs to be prepared while also having the children close. A good home office design can help with that.

If you don’t have the option of turning an entire room into your office, you’ll have to make do. Find a corner of the living room where you can place your desk and your work things. You should be able to overlook the whole room from the place where you’re sitting. This way, you’ll work all the while knowing exactly what the kids are up to.

It may be a good idea to set some physical boundaries, though. Your office should be fenced in somehow. A good idea for this is to include some houseplants. You can create a barrier while also introducing fresh air which will help you focus.

Another thing you can do is mark your work area with a carpet of a specific colour. This will create an illusion of your own office and give you some privacy. It will also stop the kids from climbing all over you, so you can be optimally productive. In the end, it’s all about working smarter, not harder.

3. The perfect cubicle for the ladies

IT companies in Australia have noticed that there is a severe disproportion of the male to female ratio. They realized that they had to make the offices more comfortable and inspiring, as women generally benefit more from a brighter and more lively design. To help their female employees feel more at home, they decided that top-quality Sydney office renovations were in order.

Knocking down walls to create open workspaces and changing the colour of the office proved to be no problem for these professionals. Now the environment was brighter, cleaner, and more fertile for productivity.

The results were just as everyone had hoped- amazing. Female employees felt much more relaxed and comfortable, instead of confined to their desks and cubicles. After productivity skyrocketed, the rest of the world started to follow suit.

With the addition of quirky desk details, colourful desk chairs, and interesting wall-décor, things got even better.

4. The corporate world accommodates all men

The corporate world may be a little different for the modern man. They do not care much more colour and liveliness as they do for comfort and natural light. This is because these two main features help them focus better.

In some countries, men even have longer working hours and are excepted to do more. This is why it was mandatory to figure out what kind of design they would benefit most from. Finally, it was concluded that big windows and comfy office chairs were the way to go.

With big windows, men are able to look out into the world and rest their eyes for a few minutes. This helps them focus better and makes them more productive. What’s more, they’re not trapped under artificial lights all day, helping them avoid headaches.

Men also seem to respond to exercise and movement more than women, which is why some offices opted for treadmills. Others thought interesting desk chairs and standing desks would do the trick. All of these proved effective, as the employees could walk a little and stretch. This helped them blow off some steam as well as avoid stress.


Regardless of your gender and if you work from home or form an office, there is a design suitable for you. Once these changes to the design have been made, there will be virtually nothing hindering your motivation and focus. You can once more excel at your job, regardless of what part of the world you work in. There’s nothing better than falling in love with your calling and seeing its bright side after you’ve forgotten it for a while.