Make more out of the space you never use

This article discusses the best way to get usage out of the spaces throughout your home that, for one reason or another, you rarely make more out of the space you never use
The Kitchen
The kitchen can often be the pride of the home: the base from which to cook and prepare meals. However, it can also be a fantastic social area. Including a small table from which to sit and eat within the kitchen is a fantastically easy way to increase its social capacity. Having a small bar or leaning space is also a great way to allow friends and family to talk to you whilst preparing meals. I often think a sofa or some comfy chairs can really add to a large kitchen, making it a place in which you can both work and relax.
The Garden
The garden should be one of the most enjoyable spaces within a home because it is the space within which one can relax and take in fresh air. However, for anyone living in a British climate, they know that a garden is often under-used. If you want to make use of the garden more often, make sure it is easily accessible with large glass or French doors so that you can always nip outside and make the most of opportune sunshine. Cleverly placed decking or patio can allow you to get outside during wetter, damper periods. Finally, if there is one investment that will get you outside more it is purchasing some garden heaters. A heater will make you more likely to barbecue and use the garden during the spring as well as stay outside once the sun has gone down during the summer. People are often stubborn about buying a garden heater, but they needn’t be. It will revolutionise the way you use your outdoor space.
The Living RoomI regularly see living rooms which are absolutely neglected. Despite containing some of the finest decorations and softest carpets and comfiest furnishings within the house, they are rarely used. My main advice for people who are looking to make more usage out of their living room, is to stop being overly precious about the space. Allow children to run in and out of the room and play games within it and always invite guests to relax with drinks and snacks. .

The main reason I frequently see bedrooms being neglected as living spaces is because they are regularly regarded as simply being a space within which to eat and store our personal belongings. For this reason, my main advice for making more use of the bedroom is to remove as much clutter as possible, making space at chairs and desks will ensure you use them more.
Always remember that you can’t use everything at once. The bigger your home, the more difficult it is to make use of every single space, no matter how hard you try to install new furnishings, reduce clutter and buy garden heaters.
Adam Curtis has been giving advice and guidance over home improvements for over 20 years. Adam regularly writes for a range of interior designs newspapers and magazines. To learn more about how heaters can improve your garden visit this page.

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