Tattoos become more Acceptable In The work Place

tattoos for girls on shoulder

Tattoos and piercings In The work Place

Tattoos are forever growing in popularity and the number of people getting them is increasing dramatically. Many people don’t just stop at one either, they are becoming bigger and more visible and can be seen almost anywhere you go. They are becoming better accepted by society but how well are they accepted in the business environment?

Tattoos have always been a concern for the business setting. Originally looked upon as markings associated with gangs, thugs and sailors, the average tattoo was unwelcome, common and uncouth. As a result those looking for work often found it difficult as employers worried about the social stigma associated with a person with such marks. Tattoos however have over the years changed dramatically. With better equipment, skilled tattooists and quality tattoo ink they are now often seen as works of art, markings of beauty and something that can be looked at and adored by people from all types of backgrounds. Unfortunately tattoos are still frowned upon by many companies, particularly in customer based and corporate businesses; but there are also many companies that are beginning to accept them.
tattoos for girls on shoulder

If you have a tattoo or are planning to get one soon it is a good idea to think seriously about what you want to do in life. Despite many companies now allowing tattoos other still choose to not employ somebody with one that is visible. For those looking for a profession in the police force, army and NHS think twice about getting tattoos that can’t be covered up. Companies such as these take a visible tattoo very seriously and could be the deciding factor on whether or not you get your dream job.


For many the idea of being turned down for a job because of a tattoo is discriminatory, unfair and unethical. Unfortunately this is part of our society and their will almost always be cases of such behaviour. Often employers themselves have no issues with tattoos but are worried about how their clients or potential clients might react to professionals in the business having them. It is for this reason that so many people, despite their skills and mannerisms are turned down for jobs.


It’s not all bad news though as there are also a number of places that will accept the fact that you have tattoos.  In fact more and more businesses are getting their head around the idea of body art and some even welcome it.  It is quite common for the likes of bars, art rooms, clubs and cafes to welcome people with tattoos or piercings; the idea behind it to add some diversity into their setting and show others that people should not be judged on the way they look, like so often they are.


Others who are able to have tattoos without worrying are celebrities. Singers, band members and actors are often seen with tattoos and piercings, allowing them to express themselves freely. Other celebrities however such as cat walk models are often warned not to get tattoos. A recent example is Cara Delevingne, an English fashion model who has gathered a number of tattoos over the years.  She has however been warned by fashion bosses that if she gets any more she could lose her contract with them.


Even with tattoos becoming better accepted it is still a slow process and not everyone has made it to the same degree of acceptance. This means that if you are still looking into having a tattoo, you should be aware that depending on its location, it could have an impact on whether or not you get a job. If you are unsure places to avoid having tattooed are the neck, forearms if they cannot be covered, hands, and most importantly the face.  If there is one place that will seriously jeopardise your chances of getting a job it’s the face. Hand tattoos are also high up on the list as they too are difficult to cover and are always visible.


The worry for many is that they may find themselves having to have their tattoos removed if they are unable to get a job. This is an upsetting thought for those who like their tattoos as they are part of them and something that they take pride in.  Tattoos are also very expensive and just as expensive to have them removed.  Laser removal is also a very painful process to undergo. Results aren’t guaranteed either and scarring can sometimes be left leaving you without the design you loved and instead with unsightly marks.


The main thing to remember when thinking about getting a tattoo is can you cover it up and is it acceptable for the type of life you want to lead.  If the answer is yes then go ahead and get your tattoo. If the answer is no you should seriously consider your options.



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