Cutting out sugar: Golden ways to slow the aging process

Increasing anxiety is felt among middle aged people and even young people about the aging process. They fantasize about staying young forever. Most of them are scared to develop wrinkles, lose skin and other signs of aging. Hence, the visit to medical practitioners and skin specialists is on a rise. Instead of depending on pills and surgeries, one way to look young and slow down on the aging process, is to cut down on your sugar intake. Just controlling your sweet tooth is an important way to stay fit and healthy.

Why limiting sugar is important?

to slow the aging process

Sugar, when mixed with amino acids, result in the formation of a complex group of compounds known as Advanced Glycation end products (AGEs). This formation can take place either inside the body after the consumption of food or it can occur in the food itself. This mechanism is bad as it inflicts a lot of damage to the body and ultimately leads to aging process, diseases and death. It accelerates not only the aging process, but also increases the risk of age related chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, heart problems, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and so on. Studies have shown that there are chances of an increased and healthy life, if we keep a check on the amount of sugar we take. Several experiments have been performed to this effect and positive results have been obtained because of it.

How reducing sugar limits the aging process?

It is a well-known fact that the molecules which are a part of the sugar compound are extremely damage-provoking for the human body. One such molecule is fructose, which is responsible largely for aging. It fastens the speeding process and also acts as a pro-inflammatory agent which plays a crucial role in the formation of the AGEs. Moreover, fat cells around the vital organs of the body grow and develop because of fructose. This body fat plays a major role in inflicting weight related issues. Plus, the insulin and leptin levels are also on a rise due to fructose. It also affects the receptor sensitivity of the vital organs of the body. All these might amount to chronic diseases of heart and also other parts leading to a deteriorated condition of the body. Though every meal accounts to a slight increase in the blood sugar levels, it is not considered to be healthy if this increase is drastic and long term. When an experiment was conducted on Americans about the diet they consume, the result was shocking as it showed intake of 2.5 pounds sugar every week. Also, people who are in the habit of eating foodstuffs which are low-carb like pasta, pastry, or candies, are in for a toss. These foodstuffs eventually disintegrate into sugar which is not good for the body. Hence, when we see people consuming these foodstuffs or sugar in high levels, the result is immediately reflected in their body.

The mechanism of glycation

As mentioned above, fructose adversely affects body in a number of ways, one of them being glycation. It is a process in which sugar reacts with protein to form AGEs. A direct result of this process is inflammation through which the immune system is activated. In order to avoid the process of glycation, one must consume less than 25 grams of sugar per day. But, there are occasions like parties, events and festivals where sugar is consumed in high quantity by the body. Moreover cold drinks and sweet beverages also have hidden levels of fructose. Hence, it is advisable to restrict the fructose levels to 15 grams or less per day. Special attention should be paid by people who suffer from high uric acid levels. One can refer to the fructose chart for any further assistance.

Steps to overcome sugar cravings

These are some of the steps which may help you to overcome sugar cravings:

1)   Stevia:

One way of reducing the sugar or fructose intake is to start using the herb known as stevia. It is a sweet herb which acts as a sweetener. So this will add a sweet flavour to your food without the consumption of sugar molecules.

2)   Moderate sugar levels:

The organic cane sugar which is usually used in food should be restricted to moderate levels. So one should try and cut down the sugar consumption by putting lesser quantities of sugar then before.

3)   Replacing sugar with jaggery:

Sugar should be replaced with jaggery as it is good for health. It is a mixture of cane juice, date and pam sap without the separation of molecules. Since it doesn’t contain fructose, it is beneficial for health.

4)   Chewing your food well:

Doctors and nutritionists advise people to chew the food well. This helps the product to disintegrate in the mouth itself and not in the body. This further helps in the digestion process of the body.

5)   Avoid artificial sweeteners:

Most of the artificial sweeteners that are available in the market are bad for health. So, one should avoid consuming the same.

6)   Agave syrup:

One must never consume agave syrup as it is mostly made of fructose. This will lead to a hike in the blood sugar levels just like sugar molecules. Also, because it is highly processed, it lacks the natural benefits of the original syrup. It has a huge popularity owing to the good marketing strategy, but it is not good for health.

It is best to reduce the intake of sugar to lead a healthy and age-free life. Sugar consumption is parallel to the aging process. So, one must reduce the sugar intake. This does not mean one has to completely cut down sugar. It only means that one must moderate and control the use of sugar. We must try to strike a right balance when it comes to food. A healthy and nutritional meal is recommended for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Plus, stress is also a contributing factor. It may adversely affect the health and hence it is important to live a stress-free life.

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