Top 6 Logo Design Trends That Are Still Going Strong

Top 6 Logo Design Trends That Are Still Going Strong

Originally posted on January 2, 2020 @ 4:48 pm


The only steady in the world is ‘change’. However, some things change quicker than others, just like logo trends.

Whether you are an individual who desires to make their personal website, or a budding businessman struggling for recognition in your industry, you must know what is hot and what passé is. On that note, the following are 6 of the greatest logo design trends that are not going anywhere:

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Color Gradients and Transitions

One of the most innovative ways to craft a logo is to utilize the color transition technique. Besides, the role of color in branding is pivotal that keep in mind a number of possibilities and opportunities in the design.

Although the color transition technique got in popularity only a few years ago, it is quite famous even today. That said, you should be careful when experimenting.

The following are some of the things you should allow for when making a company logo with color gradients:

Do not add the gradients until the strong version of the logo design is done first.

It can be tempting to play with the colors and their gradients but it is crucial that the selections you create are relevant to the brand and the logo itself.

You add the gradients that should not compromise the quality of the logo. The logo particular should still appear professional and refined after you are done.


Minimalism and Simplicity

The simplest things are usually the strongest. The reason is simple, adding more than necessary details to something, whether we talk about logo design or website design, can be overwhelming and even distracting. Keeping it unique and simple, on the other hand, gets seamlessly attention without it seems to be working too difficult.

There a number of immense examples of logo designs that are simple yet greatly effective like Sony, Facebook, Samsung, etc. This is because they are timeless that is one of the most crucial things to allow for when making the ideal logo for your brand.


Negative Space

Negative space is one of the original techniques in graphics and photography design. However, it is also commonly utilized in company logos as well, including both logotypes and logo-marks.

The negative space is the space between and around the subject that would be the logo graphic in this situation. There are different ways to apply this technique like the instance logo image above.


AI-Powered Tools

Various design studios utilize various kinds of software tools for crafting, editing, etc. However, we are rapidly getting past these standard programs that need the full intervention of the consumer/designer. Instead, more and more people are utilizing greatly advanced AI-powered software which can get the work done in a matter of minutes and send results that are at par with the premium design studios.

For example, AnaxDesigns is a pioneer startup that reformed the branding domain with its logo design software that can make an accurate, unique and great professional and affordable logo design company for all types of businesses. In fact, you can craft a logo in 5 minutes even if you do not lack the experience.


Flat Designs

Flat logo designs have turned out to be a staple for the advanced web design and they are likely to remain in trend this year and probably in the next some years too. Some of the reasons why are the following:

They reflect clarity and neatness. Hence, your brand recognition is developed in the most effective and powerful manner.

Owing to their design, they can be easily utilized for a variety of purposes (physical promotional products, mobile websites, billboards, etc.)

They look visually attractive and sharp


Stacked Lettering

If you have a long brand name? If yes, you would get the desired results with a stacked lettering logo design.

As the name tells, in stacked lettering you place all the words on top of each other so that the final result is a unique and attractive logo that you can utilize.

The key to making a ravishing stacked lettering logo is utilizing unique fonts and contrasting colors. If you get stuck to just one typeface rather than mixing a bunch, it is also best.


Bottom Line

New logo design techniques will come and go. However, if you can make a timeless logo and dodge the problems that can prevent your logo from getting a high impact, you will not have to worry about rebranding for a lot of years.

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