Ultimate Guide To The Types Of Water Fountains

Types Of Water Fountains

Originally posted on December 28, 2019 @ 11:50 am

Through a water fountain, man manages to control natural elements including light, water, and movement. This allows creating a gorgeous and lively landscape. Manipulating water allows harnessing its potential to enjoy its beauty. A fountain turns water into malleable material with special sound and aesthetic characteristics to create eye-catching scenarios. However, water fountains come with various features and interesting designs. Here is a guide to the types of water fountains.

Architectural fountain

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This is the most common type of fountain with great water and light features seen in many city venues. The presence of an architectural fountain takes the rhythm of water and glow to create a center of attraction. These fountains are usually in malls, public squares, and rotundas. This fountain can come with sculptural features to become a sculptural fountain.

Floating fountain

Just like the name suggests, this fountain lacks a grounded anchor. The original and dynamic design of a floating fountain makes it a very attractive feature. This fountain comes with fastening cables to ground the device to the pond bottom. This ensures that the fountain is perfectly controlled without compromising its mobile design. Technology for a floating fountain is quite simple and very efficient to turn this feature into a very interesting landscape or urban design feature.

Investing in a top Kasco fountain that floats will give your pond an aesthetically pleasing effect. Additionally, a floating fountain can come with aeration capabilities. This requires the fountain to have jets to break up small water spheres contacting the atmosphere and return with a film of air. These fall back into the pond transferring air around them into the water. The falling effect of water creates splashes that generate wave motion on the surface. This breaks superficial pollen, dust, and carbon dioxide film on top of the water to encourage aeration.

Indoor fountain

This type of fountain is designed for indoor use. Indoor fountains are usually for urban complex projects and homes. These fountains can come in various forms including waterfalls and sculptural. An indoor fountain comes with particular elements to make water presence indoors pleasant. This is achieved through effective control and a very decorative touch.

Indoor fountains are made from materials that can’t withstand harsh temperature changes and weather elements outdoors. Keep in mind that some outdoor fountains are ideal for use indoors. However, fountains made specifically for indoor use can’t work outdoor. When investing in a fountain, ensure to check whether it is for indoor or outdoor use.


Usually, in contemporary spaces, waterfalls make elegant water fountains that become the center of attraction in any space. These fountains come in two options including water walls and water curtains. Regardless of which waterfall you opt for, all have aesthetics that create well designed and highly recognizable features. Waterfalls are beautiful but silent for easy integration into a classy interior or minimalist garden.
This type of water fountain gives the same effect as taking a trip to see beautiful waterfalls in the country to enjoy the ambiance and beautiful sounds. Waterfalls come in various sizes and designs with a magnitude of sound created. When near a waterfall, you will not hear trickling sound but rushing sound as water flows.

Digital water curtains

This cutting edge water fountain offers impressive and unimaginable possibilities. A digital water curtain includes mounted software-controlled water jets to make water screens. This can also show various messages and designs. A digital water fountain is dynamic and aesthetically pleasing and comes in various shapes while adapting to existing architecture seamlessly. You can integrate this fountain into a surrounding area or create a special space.

A digital water curtain is placed outdoors to create an interactive wall display for visitors. It is ideal for open office spaces, shopping centers airports and hotel lobbies. This fountain has nozzles that create a high-quality video projection on the water-screen. Source specialists create a water engineering system to keep the water clean, recycled, filtered, and treated always. This allows the digital water curtain to withstand harsh weather conditions outdoor. A suitable surface design manages the splashes and wind has no effect on performance.

Dancing fountains

The most complex water feature, dancing fountains create amazing light, water, and sound scenarios. These fountains have every element controlled by a software system. Dancing fountains have a decorative feature with the versatility to make them ideal for giving any space magnificence. These fountains are wider and create striking shows with movement. People enjoy watching the water and light features responding to the sound of music in outdoor spaces.

Bottom line

A fountain is a worthwhile investment to make. Fountains come in various kinds and designs to match a variety of spaces. A floating fountain creates an impressive appearance on a pond while promoting aeration to the delight of your Koi fish and aquatic plants.

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