WeldSaver +Drawback: The Best Leak Detection Device


Among the various problems that need to be solved in flow processing plants is leak detection. That is why leak detection systems are set up in flow systems to monitor leaks. In industrial processes that use hazardous or poisonous gases, detecting leaks is very important for safety purposes. An example of poisonous gases that can lead to loss of life if a leak is not detected early enough is Chernobyl. This poisonous gas can also lead to serious health complications if inhaled. 

To ensure that such disasters don’t happen, leak detection systems such as the WeldSaver Drawback are installed. Such a system works as a coolant control device as well as a leak detection system. It can also monitor flow in real-time. Besides protecting machines from breaking, the WeldSaver device also helps protect workers and increases ROI by reducing the cost of operation.

The WeldSaver Drawback device is also used in domestic environments such as homes and offices to protect properties against floods and other damages caused by water. A significant loss may occur due to damage brought about by water affecting the heater or the air ventilation system. 

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Key Features of WeldSaver 6 +Drawback

  • It has a browser-based interface and teaches pendants that continuously indicate the temperature and coolant flow rate 
  • It a short time of about less than 0.4 seconds to send an alarm to the weld controller using a proprietary leak-detection algorithm
  • It reduces the effects of coolant dumps on equipment or floor by shutting off flow in less than 1 second after cap loss
  • Control interface options include EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET®
  • The user selects alarm settings and operating parameters 
  • Remote control valves support cap changers and weld guns 
  • Flow ranges from 6–50 LPM / 1.5–13 GPM
  • Liquid temperatures from 4.0–110 °C / 39–230 °F

Benefits of the WeldSaver Drawback Leak Detection System 

The WeldSaver leak detection system has several benefits in a hydraulic system. Here are some of them:

  • Cheap

To show you just how serious water leakages are, statistics claim that the most common insurance claims by firms are damages brought about by water. The damage that water leakages bring is determined by the cost of repair, which is quite expensive. Therefore, it is always advisable to invest in a proper leak detection system to avoid such losses—no need to risk it all when you just monitor leaks using a leak detection system. 

  • Prompt Alerts

Any system that helps to know if there is a problem in the flow system to take precautions is a lifesaver. The WeldSaver Drawback device works very first to provide prompt alerts if there is a leak so that you can fix the issue before any damage from hazardous chemicals occurs. 

  • Enhance Safety 

One of the core importance of having a leak detection system, such as the WeldSaver device, is to keep personnel safe and to ensure precious products, oil or gas, are not lost due to leakage. These products can also lead to a fire that can girt down the plant and cause injuries and death. 

The WeldSaver device is among the best water saver welding systems because it also serves as a coolant control system. This nifty device from Proteus Industries combines various functionalities such as flow measurement, flow control, flow rate monitoring, and fast leak detection. All these make it easier for the water saver Drawback technology to monitor flow rate increase or decrease flow rate when necessary and detect leaks in real-time. The WeldSaver technology is used in many industrial applications such as cooling an IBM supercomputer and the military. Using this flow meter ensures that you get the best results in harsh environmental conditions. 

This welding water saver Drawback technology is currently used in automated welding to detect leaks, taking less than 3 seconds to send a cap loss alarm to a weld controller. The device also protects welders from overheating and checks critical cooling circuits in automated welding. 


Detecting leaks in various industrial processes is critical to ensure that systems operate at optimum efficiency. The WeldSaver Drawback technology has several functions, including coolant control, flow measurement, and leak detection. The device can also handle flow rates of up to 50 LPM or 13GPM, making it easier to view flow rates in GPM or LPM. 

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