Why should You Plan a Trip to Shimla this Year?

Why should You Plan a Trip to Shimla this Year?

Why should You Plan a Trip to Shimla this Year?

Traveling is one thing that can add up a lot of thrill in your life. You can be confident that you have a wonderful time whenever you plan a trip to any other place. If you are confusing about where should you go for a quick trip then why not choose Shimla? You have no idea how this place can be a perfect escape for you.

Why Shimla?

Shimla has a clear pinch of magic and freshness in the air. You can find it as one of the most visited spots in the country.  You may be knowing already that this city is even known as the queen of hills.  This city used to be once the Summer Capital for the Britishers. It was because they were captivated by the land when they governed India. Well, once you are exploring the sports and architecture of this city, you would find a British touch for sure.

Mesmerizing Crest 

Right in the middle of the city, you would find Shimla Ridge. It provides the visitors and on lookers some remarkable views of the mountain peaks of the earth.  The ridge is a massive, wide spread open space that spreads from east to that of west along the shopping center. Of course, this shopping center is its own another loved tourist destination.  The ridge links up to the scandal spot to the west.  In case you love to spend some amazing moments at the mountain view then this place should be a great one for you.  If you are lucky enough, you would see snowcapped mountains in the distant at this place. If you are going to this place in somewhat a cold month or winters; make sure that you have proper sweaters and jackets with you. You are going to experience a lot of cold and chilling winds at this place. It would be though a heavenly experience for sure.

Mall Road 

Now, it is something that many people find in different cities, right? Of course, every place has its own type of mall road. But when talking about the mall road of Shimla, it has a mesmeric charm to it. Resting under the Ridge, Mall Road provides you with an overview of Shimla at a clear glance.  Once you explore here, you would come across manifold shops, classy cafes, luxurious restaurants, bookstores, and even that of many tourist attractions. Once you take a single stroll along Mall Road, you would be charmed at every step by the things the spot carries for you. The picturesque charm of Shimla may also be witnessed here making it one of the must-visit spots. Of course, you would be able to find some accessories and other items here if you want to do some shopping. Of course, you may want to buy and take along some stuff for your friends or family members, right? So, you can get some token of memory for them. And while you shop, you feel the freshness of this city right around you.

Jakhoo Hill 

Now, it is a place that is situated two kilometers from Shimla. This is considered to be the highest peak in the whole mountain vicinity and offers bird’s-eye views of the city as well as the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas. This is an 8000-foot Jakhoo Hill and it does not fail to win everyone’s heart. You can find both the nature enthusiasts and pilgrims at this spot. It is always beaming with people who are passionate about life, nature and lord. This place was considered to be residence of Jakhoo and has a massive sized statue of Hanuman, who is his prime deity. Of course, this spot is really a refreshing spot for everyone who visits therein.  

Church of Christ 

A beautiful and splendid example of neo-Gothic architecture, Christ Church has always been a unique part of Shimla’s landscape.  It is situated right on the Ridge and it got built in the year 1857 and it took nearly three years to finish this architectural wonder.  Moreover, if you speak of its artistic and architecture beauty, it has stained-glass windows, the massive clock tower, and even the murals are amidst others that make it even more charming.   The church even owns the largest pipe organ in the country and it has been a part of various Bollywood films such as 3 Idiots and Black.

Don’t Miss on Kalka- Shimla Railway

This wonderful Kalka- Shimla Railway is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Indian Mountain Railways. It is a wonder that was built in 1898 to link up Shimla to other railway lines in the country by the British.  The railway line here stretches from Kalka (a city of Haryana) to that of Shimla. It halts at diverse tourist places like that of Solan, Summer Hill, and various others.  A single train journey via this line is going to offer the visitors magnificent views and the trip through many tunnels and bridges is going to make up for a remarkable experience. Indeed, who would know that you might have travelled through so many tunnels and that too amidst the natural beauty? Come on, you can simply sit back and relax in the train and look around at the mesmeric spots. It would be a good experience for sure. Of course, it may feel little adventurous to you but it is safe and really enjoyable.


So, why not choose wildflower hall Mashobra for your stay during your visit to Shimla? Come on, make your life little fulfilling with these refreshing trips.

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