Why The Packaging Industry Needs Bubble Mailers

Why The Packaging Industry Needs Bubble Mailers

Protective packaging is of maximum value to the burgeoning ecommerce industry of the world. In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, this is a critical requirement since long distances are to be covered in transit. One of the best ways to pack items is the use of bubble mailers. Other equally suitable packing options include air cushion bubble wraps and foam cushions.

Lightweight and fragile objects can be protected in bubble mailing envelopes. These tough and waterproof packing envelopes can easily be ordered from a bubble mailers bulk manufacturer. During the pandemic, it is absolutely essential that the services of these packaging manufacturers continue without hindrances. What’s more, the risk of Covid-19 infection due to bubble mailer packaging is next to negligible.

Tremendous growth expected in bubble mailer market

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As per research, one can expect the bubble mailer market to grow at an exponential rate of 8.05% CAGR from 2020-27. The major factors behind this upward trend are the visible growth of the ecommerce market, and the rising popularity of biodegradable bubble wraps in the world. It is natural that selling online is the only way for certain people to survive, and it is this necessity which has fueled the need for shipping, and thereby bubble wraps and mailers.

Global markets

By the end of 2022, East Asia and Europe will be ahead of the US in the padded mailers market. This is only the first time in history that such a scenario is likely to become true. Europe and East Asia are facing a healthy demand for padded mailers due to the demand for food &beverages and consumer electronics, and this demand is fuelling the growth of the global market. In addition, the expansion of ecommerce within emerging economies such as India, China and Indonesia augurs well for padded mailers.

Create a positive impression on customers

Suppliers of consumer electronics and other products can create an excellent impression on the minds of their customers by packing products into high quality bubble mailer envelopes. Larger objects can even be sent in foam cushion-in rolls and air cushion bubble wraps. The bubble wraps are able to retain air and also provide cushioning for longer duration by maintaining thickness. At the same time, the light weight of these wraps helps keep shipping costs under control.

Similar to the bubble mailer is another packaging envelope known as a poly bubble mailer. These light envelopes are able to protect fragile objects during shipping. Just like bubble mailers, these are also waterproof, tough and clean. With the help of a self adhesive strip, each of these bags can be sealed in an efficient manner. The biggest strengths of poly bubble mailers are as follows:

  • High tear strength
  • Excellent cushioning performance
  • Very high puncture resistance
  • Durable
  • Flexible protection for product
  • Easy branding and customization
  • Able to save space
  • Very affordable

Items that can easily be transported using bubble protection

Most items that are flat and delicate can be transported using padded envelopes, poly bubble mailers, and bubble mailers. The list of such items is inclusive, but not limited to the following:

  • Different types of books
  • Valuable items such as jewelry
  • CDs and Blue Rays
  • Gifts of different forms
  • Delicate automobile parts
  • Plaques
  • Circuit boards
  • Watches

Choose the correct size of bubble mailer

When you choose a mailer, it is vital to see if the intended package is able to fit into the same. Now there are chances that you may not be able to understand the exact fit of a product in the mailer. If this is the case with you, then just add 0.5 inches to each side of the item you wish to put in, and that will be the right size. 0.5 inches each side can be used to add extra cushioning material. However, just to be on the safer side, it would be wise to get your hands on an envelope that is a size larger than what you originally thought right.

Top features of an air cushion bubble wrap

Products that need interleaving, void fill, surface protection and cushioning can be sent by packing them into air cushion bubble wraps. Air remains within these wraps for a long time, ensuring that their thickness is able to provide protection. Linear low density polyethylene film is used by many bulk manufacturers to make the wraps. If the bubble wrap contains a barrier of nylon, it becomes soft and light while being just as strong as the regular wraps. In other words, order wraps with nylon barriers in bulk is a great way of saving money without compromising on quality standards.

Several industries are running on the basis of packaging materials. However, as the times continue to change, more and more innovative features will be needed to the existing material due to environmental trends, which could either swing upwards or downwards.

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