4 adventurous wildlife safari destinations across the world!

Matusadona National Park

Nature lovers and wildlife safari admirers would not mind spending a weekend at the dense jungle. The view of the ferocious lion resting near the lake; monkeys of varied species hanging on branches of the trees above your head; and beautiful peacocks dancing in the middle of lush bushes would be mesmerizing. Therefore, get your cameras ready and set to flash!

The world is a big place and beautiful too. It comprises of lush plateau regions, vast water bodies, sandy deserts, as well as extensive mountains. However, if getting close to the nature and bonding with the fascinating wildlife it has to offer is all that you crave for, you can directly head to one of the safari resorts. This will allow you to stay amidst a dark forest enjoying some barbeque around a bonfire through the night. The next morning you will be ready to set off for an adventurous animal safari. Here are the 4 best animal safari destinations across the world that you can explore.

adventurous wildlife safari destinations

Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Nothing can be better than touring through the deep forest on the back of an enormous elephant to experience a wonderful wildlife. Jim Corbett National park, situated in Uttarakhand, India is a house to a variety of flora and fauna and attracts thousands of tourists every year. These tourists comprise of wildlife photographers and people, who love adventure. Here, you can watch the ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’, multiple species of deer, leopard, crocodile, wild boar, sloth bear, fresh water dolphin, marsh mugger, and numerous kinds of birds.

Gorilla gazing in Uganda

Gorillas must be an endangered species, but these splendid living beings can be found in abundance in Bwindi National Park of Uganda. It is said that more than half of the mountain gorillas of the world take shelter here. The park arranges for fully secured animal safari treks that allow you to go ahead with one of the most exciting wildlife gazing. Other than gorillas, you can come across lions, elephants, leopards, zebras, and baboons.

Leopard watching in the chilly mountain ranges of Ladakh

The stunning Ladakh, is located to the north of India enclosed by the Himalayas on one side. This cold desert region is well known for its attractive snow clad mountain ranges. Other than enjoying the scenic view of Ladakh, you can opt to go for an animal safari that includes the very famous snow leopard spotting. If you are unable to watch the leopard, the breathtaking surroundings and wide variety of wildlife that consists of brown bears, blue sheep, and golden hawks will make up for it.

Giraffe Gawking in Zimbabwe

The tall necked giraffes with a magnificently patterned skin are one of the major tourist attractions at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. They are a favorite subject for wildlife photographers due to their unique body structure and print. Other than gawking at the giraffes, you can spot the wonderful black and white stripped zebras at this heaven on earth.

If you wish to do something really exciting on your weekend, then go ahead with exploring these animal safari destinations. Other than offering you with a thrilling experience, this trip will help you get your daily dose of nature, which is very essential. You will be back with numerous good memories and dozens of jaw-dropping pictures!

Author bio- The author of this post is a wildlife photographer by passion and loves to write about her traveling experiences. Going on wildlife safaris, staying at safari resorts , and clicking detailed pictures of the flora and fauna is a part of her profession as well.

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