How to Work from Home Opportunities: Five Smart Tips for Success

How to Work from Home Opportunities: Five Smart Tips for Success


Find How to Work from Home opportunities Tips for Success

Telecommuting and work from home opportunities are becoming more and more common in most businesses.  While there are many benefits to working from home, there are also certain conditions that have to be met for it to be successful a venture for both the worker and the company.  However, once those conditions are met and are in place, the telecommuter can find working from home to be a good prospect from both a professional and personal standpoint.

The Right Physical Space

Work from Home OpportunitiesWhile the kitchen table can double as a work space in a pinch, it is not a permanent location for an at-home work space.  You need to have good light, adequate electrical outlets, an internet connections, supplies, and storage space.  It is not necessary to have a separate office; however, you do need a defined work space and that space must be made clear to the rest of the family.  Your work space cannot double as a homework space for the kids, a hobby space for your spouse, and a place for you to do your household bills.

Some telecommuters want a separate room while others are able to define their space within a room.  Wherever your space is, you need to be sure that you can make your space quiet enough to get your work done and handle any phone calls or Skype calls that are required during your business hours.

Set Hours

You need to establish work hours for a number of reasons.  Most importantly, your clients, co-workers, and supervisors need to be able to get in touch with you during specific hours.  Set work hours also allow you to mentally get into work mode when it’s time to work and be at home when it’s time to be home.

While there’s nothing wrong with finishing some work a little past your set hours, it is important to remember that your set hours allow you to have a personal life as well as allows your co-workers to contact you when they know you’ll be available for work.  It is important for you to keep your hours set and notify those with whom you work if you aren’t going to be available or have to change your schedule for an emergency.


All companies have material that must be kept confidential; therefore, you will need to make arrangements to keep company business private.  Your work space should be strictly off limits to family members and friends.  You need to invest in a desk and file cabinet that can be locked in order to keep secure documents private.

You also must have a computer that is for work only if you are going to be working with documents that need to be kept secure.  Finally, you should be certain that your internet connection is not only quick but also secure so that your company information won’t be easily hacked or hijacked over a less-than-secure connection.

Work is Work; Home is Home

While it’s okay to throw in a load of laundry before signing on for your conference call, you need to remember that you are at work and are not being paid to do your housework or other tasks when you’re supposed to be working.  By the same token, when it’s time for your work day to end, you need to sure to get into “home mode”.

It is easy to get distracted in either direction when you have a lot to do and feel that just a few more minutes either way could save you time later.  Most professionals who work from home opportunities would agree that it is essential to keep your work time and home time separate in order to allow you to have time away from each.

Kid-Free Zones

Your work space should be a child-free zone.  No exceptions.  You simply cannot work effectively if you have small children in your work area.  Many parents feel that working from home is a great way to save on childcare costs; however, if you are constantly being interrupted by your children your productivity will suffer greatly.  You need to have an environment that is about work which simply cannot be created if your desk is covered in toys and your files are become targets for artwork.

During your scheduled work hours, you need to make your work space a child-free zone.  Working from home with children there takes a special kind of balance that must be practiced and will take a lot of training of the children to understand that mom or dad is at work and that they can’t be bothered.  Companies who hire telecommuters expect them to be as productive, or more so, than traditional employees therefore it is essential to keep your productivity up and the drama to a minimum.

Working from home can be a great thing for a variety of reasons; however, it must be managed carefully so that work is actually able to be completed.  With attention to the proper space and environment, telecommuters can successfully blend their workspace into their home, giving both the attention each one deserves.

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