How Astrologer earn in Recession

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How Astrologer make money in a recession 

Every one has opinion about various subjects matter.It may be about buying car,purchasing food or choosing life partner,etc matters that Every one has opinion and that itself can be unique or common.
Habits of Every one making opinion starts itself automatically or based on family values as we grow subconsciously.


So it cant be said that opinion is pre planned before we are born by God ,so please remember this before cursing any body or God or destiny for having such opinion .
Thats why we had difference of  opinion on point or subjects matters.Every mom wants her children to be engineer ,doctor,but her children opinion are quite different from there parents opinion.
This is quite evident in world today in every family which finally led to strong difference between new generation and old generation called as Generation gap.
Every one has opinion so it differs from person to person ,male to female etc so even an astrologer cant predict whats your opinion will be today or next 0 days.
Still people like celeb pay huge fees to  astrologer to confirm what  opinion they should have on subject matter .
So many people who are overprotective wish there opinion is 00% correct ,hence they pay astrologer to confirm will there opinion  make them successful in  scenarios like business,choosing patner,etc
Finally end result is astrologer simply is happy to get huge pay for its service of predicting  client opinion .This is just like believing on stranger called astrologer for your life decision .Isnt it foolishness to believe on stranger called astrologer for your life decision .
 Habits of Every one making opinion
You may be shocked many 90% of celeb are so confuse about there life that they hire astrologer who will make there every decisions in life like choosing life partner also.
Magic of astrologer has made blind faith since long time ago ,but still has firm grips on lifes of bussiness man,celebs, etc that worlds most serious opinions are in danger now.
If president makes every decision based on astrologer ,what will be the rank of USA  compared to all developed nations is my question to world people who hires astrologer.
Surely ,Americans fate would be similar to that bird which is bound to get down by probabilty of how vulnerable it is.So before every one in world hires Astrologer think that astrologer can be poison to your Life

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