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It is pretty clear that the phenomenon of street style is everywhere. Keeping up with Style and Fashion is a tedious task as it is one industry where one color, fabric and pattern will be hot 1 minute and totally out the next. Like furnishing a new home, building a solid stylish wardrobe is both daunting and costly. While, Shopping for fun and trendy versus investing in classic items is a debate.

You needn’t have to stock up your closet with all the trendy clothes, shoes and accessories in order to be relevant to the fashion in line and in track with the fashion. Many, of us, are not on the same page with the fashion and constantly find ourselves with a growing pile of purchases that we barely wear. Meanwhile, day after day, we turn onto few quality items that looks classic and outstanding.

So here is a list of items, that believed to be owned by every woman at some point in her life as and when the budget allows. Dig into this fashion feature and become the style icon you meant to be :

Style and Fashion

Something out of Leather – With “vegan” leather items fill stores this season, it’s easy to find a pants or a full dress, show off the alluring side of you when you’re on a special date or on a girls’ night.

Leopard Prints- It is learned that adding a touch of leopard makes the most simple outfit stylish almost instantly. Be it a jacket or a blouse or a T-shirt, the leopard print makes you look more savvy.

Warm and Silk Scarf- when your wardrobe full of clothes makes you feel you have nothing to wear, a simple scarf is easily up the ante from drab to fab. With all ways to tie a scarf fashionably, try sporting one on a casual Friday outfit , feel yourself classy.

Yoga Fits and Workout Top- A simple and good workout top makes you feel great while working out. The fabric magically absorbs sweat and feel light as air. Working out is a bit more bearable when you don’t have sweat-drenched clothes clinging to you. For yoga, tighter variation that ends mid-calf makes you feel better as you’ll be more comfortable stretching, running, Crossfitting.

Wallet and Bags- Each one of need a “throw everythingand anything in it” bag and a zip-around wallet to save all the loyalty, rewards, Ids and credit cards. Huge wallets always finds a worthy place in your bag or makes itself a carry-along almost anywhere.

Leather Gloves- Gloves keep you toasty during the teeth biting chilly winter months. Be it a dinner, holiday party or a casual outing, leather gloves are a perfect match to make your look complete.

Sunglasses- A great pair of sunglasses, shades or cooler- as you name it, helps you protect your eyes from sun-rays and related damage. When you’re out with all your stuff packed for a long vacation, weekend outing or for a casual shopping, do ensure you have the sunglasses is with you. It makes you look both sporty and flashy. A cool pair of sunglasses go well with any outfit you wear.

Sundress- There are times when you want to dress up a bit more to appear brighter and more feminine. Sundresses are the best fit for occasions.

Skirt and Stripped Shirt- Skirts come in varieties. It has a colossal varieties of color, lengths, and shape, making them easy to wear. These classic skirts can be mixed and matched with impeccable stripped shirt and this duo goes well with any scandal, heels or boots.

Trench Coats- Not that in all occasions, you will need a trench coat, but having one in your wardrobe is handy at times. Trench coat is a perfect for almost all the seasons and is a transitional piece, that lends you a elegant but sophisticated look.

Tank top- A tank top is one clothing in which a woman feels highly versatile. You can cover it up with a blazer, a shortly trimmed tee-shirt or with a a cardigan on formal occasions. A necklace or a printed scarf, gives you an indigenous look.

Statement Necklace- All the above mentioned clothing and accessories is complete once you wear a necklace that statements your style. Always have a unique piece of necklace to turn the heads at the event.

Jewelry and Cosmetic pouches- To keep your closet organized and tidy is it imperative that you should have a cosmetic case and a jewelry case. While a smaller one to fit in your handbag for taking to work and a larger one to haul all the goodies while travelling is a perfect way to keep yourself from missing important cosmetic or jewelry.

These are the all time essential clothing and accessories in one’s wardrobe and a mix of everything makes you look hot on fashion. Always remember, the trends keep changing and you need to catch up if you can. To groom up with a bang, visit

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