Judge Benefits of facebook Does it Really helps society

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Interestingly what Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had planned for Facebook future was to-
 develop Facebooks top socializing site is inspiration for all .
Today we can experience that Facebook made tremendous market for any youth or kid irrespective of his/her financial condition and who has zeal to achieve impossible.so does facebook benefit the society ?
I’d also tasted benefits  of Facebook without penny due to Facebook and like me if you are poor ,Facebook has chance for you.so join society facebook if you have lots of failure,jobless problem,etc
 Benefits of facebook
Facebook Helps Lonely Person Facebook concept is based purely on relation, so many boys,girls are actively participating world of Facebook.
As result benefits of facebook is craze in youth due to easy affairs and finally love marriage .
benefits of facebook
Now breakup is thing of past as being single after breakup is thing of past as you have many friends request pending.
Facebook passion is like you cant live without Facebook to change mood ,get multiple affairs in life time without being caught,etc.
Hence ,A Life called Facebook has its own pros and cons so enjoy Facebook

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