Best Kept Secrets of a College Graduate

As a college student, essay writing skills are valuable. Upon graduation, it is evident that some students learnt these skills and earned their impressive grades. It is necessary that every student learns the following secrets and skills to earn those higher grades. Various strategies are used by the ‘upper class’ students. These strategies are some of the best kept secrets of college graduates:
Planning the Essay
The planning process is the foundation of any essay. It helps to organise your thoughts and ideas to be used within the essay.
– Identify the main question that requires answering through the essay.
– Collect data that provides relevant information regarding the essay.
– Identify the key points to be used in the essay. This is quite easy once the student has researched on the relevant data.
– Organise these ideas roughly on a sheet of paper and create them into a logical flow.
– Ensure the ideas lead the reader into a complete conclusion of the essay.
Best Kept Secrets of a College Graduate
Determine the Title
The tittle is the face of the essay. A good tittle gives a reader an insight into the essay itself.
– Ensure the title covers the logic and question behind the essay
– The title should be approximately five to ten words. It should clearly identify with the content within the essay.
– Make the title captivating and easy to understand.
– Ensure that the title is unique. Being the same as other essays only makes the article boring.
– Write the title in the appropriate format.
Writing the Content
Once the ideas and the title are in place, writing the content should be easy and fast.
– There is a general format of each paragraph. They should have a thesis statement, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentences.
– The first paragraph is comprised of a strong introductory sentence that leads the audience into the essay.
– Have supporting sentences that introduce the general idea within the essay.
– Conclude the paragraph with a sentence that provides relevant information.
– Depending on the size of the essay identify the number of supporting paragraphs.
– Each supporting paragraph should discuss a major point.
– The structure of the supporting paragraphs is similar to the introductory paragraph, only that this time the information share is more specific.
– Write a conclusion paragraph.
– Ensure that concluding paragraph summarises the whole essay.
– The conclusion is highly valuable as it closes the lid on any bone of contention that may have been identified within the essay.
Proof Reading
This step of essay writing requires you to be thorough and keen. It is this step that helps eradicate any errors within the essay.
– After completing the essay, read the essay again once more, looking to identify any and all mistakes.
-Such mistakes include grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, wrong use of articles, correct word length, and use of confused modifiers.
– After correcting the mistakes read the essay once more. This is to ensure that the essay still has a smooth flow of ideas.
– If the essay is found to be erratic with regards to the flow, change it slightly as appropriate.

Essay writing can be quite simple, all you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned. A dedicated student will learn the secrets to writing a great essay in a short period of time. But knowing these secrets is not enough to get the best grades, applying these skills are the best kept secrets of a college graduate so learn from them and get the grade you deserve.

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