World’s Coolest Destination in Winters

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Fresh & cool breeze with hot-streamed cup of coffee provide a magical effect to your mind and body in winter. But in the world, there are some coolest places where you cannot survive with even the warmest clothes and hot coffees. Canada is one of them. I really appreciated the Canadian people when I came back from my winter trip of Canada. Because in winters, you will see mostly people to clear the snow in front of their houses with their hands. Hence, area is equipped with beautiful landscapes, prairies, and mountains.

Coolest Destination in Winters

Canadian people suffer from hostile cold weather conditions from November to April. Area became slippery and snowy in these six months. It is a darned cold place. So innocent local people have to suffer from two conditions, whether fight, or flight. However, people are still so brave; they find it adventurous and enjoy this massive snow.

Authentic Ice Hotel:

The most inspiring and fascinating place in Canada is Hotel De Glace. It is a truly authenticated hotel in Quebec City Canada. It was established on New Year in 2001. And it is totally made up of ice and honored to call an only ice hotel in the world. When I reached there with my family, we were quite inspired of its snowy beauty and dazzling decoration. The hotel was decorated with magnificent artwork. Snowman was there to entertain the people and walls were decorated having snowman photos on metal prints . This was a magical and wonderful artwork to stun the nerves. This hotel proudly seduce over millions of people throughout the world. It only has a beautiful bar and chapel that attracts millionaires around the world to arrange their wedding ceremony in the most beautiful and romantic place.    



Adventurous place:

Canada serves as the most adventurous place in winter. Its tall and high mountains provide an extra thrill of ice skating and skiing. Mostly people love to perform unusual activities with snow. Like my children started ice climbing and sledging. We took lot of pictures while skating and transfer  custom  metal prints. Its Coast Mountains and Rocky Mountains are enough to provide a great adventurous journey from sea to sky. However, it is quite dangerous also. So children who are below from 18 years are restricted to climb snow.

Unique Experiences:

WE had to pass through different unique and memorable experiences. Whenever the winter sets in, the crevices and crags turns into ice kingdoms. For enjoying the Canadian winter freely, we hired a Rocky mountaineer. This was a great experience because while sitting in the trail, we cannot feel the outside cold. And can enjoy the cold weather of rocky mountains from a warm trail.

Ontario and Quebec:

After enjoying the ice climbing and skating, we moved towards Ontario and Quebec. These two places are the most famous places in Canada. It is a hub of politics, tourism, and culture. Beautiful ski hills and great snow depths are seen in Quebec City.

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