Facebook addiction-Will Newton ever love facebook

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Facebook addiction causes anxiety depression in youngsters

After 4-8 hours on facebook addiction does Teens, kids really are interested of having ambitions in Life.If kids are exhausted by Facebook activitys will they ever try to become something in Life??????? or will they be more away from Real world? 
 Facebook bullying
www.facebook.com and sites similar to Facebook like youtube, hotmail, yahoo,gmail,myspace is very serious factor for whole universe if Teens, kids are not stopped from this sweet poison called Facebook which is facebook addiction causes anxiety depression in youngsters
Facebook Side effect

Its warning bell for all Parents, governments who still dont care for future.

This  addiction can-bring scenario where there are rise in problems like crime,recessions,violence,etc and young generation gets breaking news fast and sleep.
I hope parents will wake up for future facebook facebook fever of facebook


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