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    There live a poor farmer, who live with his only son in a small hut,

    The poor farmer love God and trust in him, he love his son and bring him up in the fear of God,

    The little boy grew up to love God and believe in him,

    That one day that one day their life will change for the better.

    One night, the poor farmer was very sick, and there was nothing to eat,

    The little boy ran to a neighbor for help.

    Impossible Miracle called Hope or God

    But their neighbour refuse to help the little boy.

    The little boy cried on his way home,

    But he trusted in God for a miracle, and walk quietly in the dark,

    On his way his foot struck on a stone, he felt hurt,

    He bent down to see what its was.

    And found a shining stone, he picked it up and ran home, to show his father.

    The farmer examine the stone carefully with a light,

    And found out its was a gold.

    The poor farmer and his son were so happy and gave glory to God.

    The farmer sold the gold and they became rich.

    Moral lesson :never fail to continue trusting in God.

    In every situation there is still hope.

    Let us try to help others is difficult situation, for there is a reward in doing that.

    Please share to inspire others.

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