3 Important Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

Prepare Your House for Sale

Every transaction has something to do with being prepared. Yes, when you are trying to sell your house for instance, you have to prepare it to attract potential buyers. You have to show that your house is ready for occupancy anytime.

If you are planning to sell your house, and you want to gather ideas on how you can best prepare your house for sale, here are some tips you can follow.


1.       Prepare the outside appearance of your house

Prepare Your House for Sale

One of the most important thing you should not forget if you are preparing your house for sale is to make sure that the outside appearance of it is pleasant to the eye of the buyer. Buyers that are not content with how your house look on the outside will never bother getting inside to check out the interior. To prepare the outside look of your house, here are some tips you can consider.

  • Keep it look fresh by painting the fences, main door and the outside wall if it’s needed.
  • Trim and organize the plants surrounding your house.
  • Clean up all the clutter.
  • Prepare a new welcome mat on your front door.
  • Check and ensure all the door knobs are functioning.
  • If your house has a number, make sure it’s visible and easy to see.
  • Clean up all the windows.


2.       Keep Everything Look well On the Inside of your house

When buyers see that the outside part of your house is pleasing to their eyes, they will be more eager to discover what’s on the inside. To prepare the inside area of your house, here are the tips you can keep in mind.

  • All the lights must be working. If you have to change some bulbs to make it look well, do it.
  • Your doorbell should be working.
  • Remove all the clutter inside the house to make it look spacious and organize.
  • If you have to repaint the inside wall, or the ceiling, do it.
  • Make sure that the inside of your house is clean and smells fresh.
  • Your sofa should be well arranged.
  • If your carpet needs to be cleaned, do it. The cleaner the better.
  • If you got a kitchen counter, make sure it is clean and clutter free.
  • Your bathroom must be sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Remove anything that you no longer use in the bathroom, for instance, shampoo sachets, empty bottles etc.
  • If you need to repaint your kitchen cabinet to make it look presentable and organize, feel free to do it.
  • Your bedroom should be clutter free. Keep it organize as much as possible.


3.       Clean and Prepare the Car Port


More often, the car port gets overlooked when preparing the house for sale which in fact it should be one of the most important areas to be cleaned. So when the outside and the inside areas of your house is ready for viewing, make sure that your car port is ready as well. To prepare your car port, here are some tips you might like to take note.


  • Put the car over in place.
  • Remove all the clutter around the car port like empty cans, plastics, garbage etc.
  • If the car port wall has to be repainted, feel free to do so. Make sure that you choose a paint color that pleasant to the eye.
  • Clean the car port floor by removing stains, dirt etc.
  • If you have a lot of stuff stored in your car port, make sure to remove them for the meantime so it won’t distract your house buyer.
  • If you need to put an air freshener around your car port, do it. Buyers would be happy to smell fresh air on the car port area.


When your house is ready for viewing, make sure that you are also. Keep a happy face and a pleasant atmosphere in your house when meeting the buyer. Make the buyer feel that you are professional and an easy to deal kind of seller.

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