why micro human brains getting smaller than broad minded

Why Guy confess he dont need medicine to face Life
Life started with nothing complicated but the simple Life or living simplicity as there were never any unlimited list of wants.Thats reason there were no-Hospitals, no traffic, no violence, etc compared to what we called today’s modern hi-tech advanced world.
simple Life
Slowly and steadily growth of human brain developed so much that was not about money or fast race to achieve a superhuman lifestyle
The highly advanced human brain has lot of secrets for future development
When we say that we had excelled in lot of fields compare to what we were as primate family or during the inception of  human race we-are totally fooling ourselves.
Today the mind peace has totally vanished considering the impact of stress in each and every household of modern hi-tech advanced world.
impact of stress 
The mind peace is next biggest threat to human race,considering the evolution of normal human brain to the most powerful on the living world.
We find many billionaires suffering to pressures of business stiff competition ,where many business tycoons or hot hollywood celebs admit that-
even after accumulating so much in life they still cant buy  The mind peace in Life forget about POOR sufferings and how they deal with stresses lifestyles.
As result daily headlines are mostly of people who hangs or end there life due to stressed lifestyle,ultimately leads to curse-
Life or people.
This sadly is today’s real story in everbodys life,were not only poor but the world richest celebs are doing sucide as they are scared or failed to face life .
Its weird truth how greed or evil behaviour likes drugs abuse,jeopardy,etc finally leads to decision to end beautiful LIFE .
Every one wants to have happy Life without problems just because its general tendency of everybody ,no one  wants problem even for seconds of stressful LIFE.
So why does stress mind ask you to end your own precious Life which was always good. Its million dollar question for world today
were many peoples are suffering from depression characteristics or syndromes consistently.
Its truth that no one else ,but we ourselves take our decisions in Life ,whether its in business,relationship,etc as our brain family
Hence , we cant blame our brain for our wrong decisions as whatever we orders brains analysed and gives output.
Our advanced human brain is so intellectual that it works perfect as organ or do its role without an error.
So problem is what we orders brain ,as whatever equation we put on brain it just do its function without asking for fees or bribe.
super brains  
So every one today has to remember that every organ  in our body do its function as per its functionality ,even if try to get
the best doctors in the world it will do what you are doing currently in your Life .
Many people feels money can save them from stress and so they grow stress by there daily habits of greed,bitching etc that finally they-
conditioned there brain so bad  end in
that brain which is ideally designed to grow with good disciplines, gets corrupted by daily habits of greed,bitching etc.
 face Life
Many will agree with us that depression victims dont wish to change there bad habits of drug abuse ,crime ,greed,bitching etc.
So they orders there brain to end life  as they are scared or failed to face life .
Today’s mind peace is next biggest threat were we dont have any permanent solution and it attacks you when you wants life with bad habits.
so every one has to remember we are here to make world betters place by exploring true aspects of life rather than doing things
which can end our own powerful brain and ifnally human race.
 living simplicity
Its in our best interest to Live simple  LIFE ,as unethical life creates an evil brain which finally orders us to do bad things in life and ultimately command us to end our sweet LIFE (humanity in us)

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