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Guy confess he dont need medicine to face Life



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One Response to Hot Pics

  1. Caroline Lai says:

    In my opinion be it guy or woman does have a mindset or desires not to be on meds meds for a temperory period is fine but in long term basic is kinda drag. as there’s pros and cons on each meds yes no doubt taking meds is crucial if one being ask or advise by doc. Its just takes discipline and trust that the meds can help in some area like eliminate or stabilized certain symptoms so that one could had a stable mood when in counselling guy confess he dont need medicine to face life is he taught meds cripples him and he doesnt wanna looks weak to others . Well same to woman doesnt really like meds as striving to live without meds , no ones likes meds but in the end if for our safety sake we have to be learn submission and learn to trust doc while we trust God to take this yucky meds lol ewww

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