Evolution,History Abounds in the Self storage Maidenhead Industry

Self storage MaidenheadIn UK there are as many self storage facilities as the number of outlets for McDonalds. It is intriguing to know how the self storage journey began in UK. Studies say it all began in good old England when people needed to safeguard confidential documents, valuables and jewelry before proceeding for a long distance voyage. The onus of safeguarding valuables was done by banking institutions in their vaults. However, these vaults could not accommodate the large inputs and banks were forced to hire the services of drayage or moving companies.

Self Storage Industry

 Self storage Maidenhead

Gradually these services were offered in warehouses and remained unchanged for the next 60 years. This concept quickly spread to the West Coast and from there to the United States of America and Canada.
In America, the World War II created the need for those in the defense services to keep their belongings safe. The self storage facility catered to this need and is now an important part of the American people’s lives. The Americans rely a lot on self storage for organizing their life and today this industry has some 58,000 self storage facilities owned by 30, 235 companies.
The garage style lock-up units in UK have now been replaced with clean, dry, secure and well lit units. Since the past thirty years or so, British houses are shrinking in size due to rising costs. There is no space for storage now, as people want to make optimum use of whatever space they find in the house. The spare rooms or attics are converted into makeshift bedrooms or office.

The second generation self storage facilities are being replaced by third generation facilities which are now located in retail locations, light commercial or even near residential areas like North Kensington. Self Storage facilities in UK today offer a stable, secure and safe way to store belongings and ensure their customers get peace of mind.
There is also an increase in the divorce rates which is forcing people to live alone and downsize their flats hoping for better days ahead. For them a storage unit is more of a permanent solution for a few years. In fact self storage companies are allowing customers to make innovative uses of their self storage facilities.

The self storage industry is making a dramatic evolution and helping people progress and reach their goals with their affordable prices. Facilities like Self storage Maidenhead also have sophisticated security systems, electronic gates and CCTV cameras to protect the belongings of their customer.
Most people assume that self storage has basic management and administration processes. This could have been true a decade or two ago, but not anymore as modern facilities are nothing less than high tech.
Running a storage facility in UK is not easy with increasing competition and requires strong management skills, hiring and training of staff, security and maintenance of premises.

Marketing these facilities in UK requires a lot of advertising and use of promotional tools. Companies like storage Amersham now employ the use of eye catching signage, brochures, leaflets, radio/TV advertising, publications in newspapers or local publications, website & internet and even rewarding customers for referrals.
The other contributing factors of self storage in UK were a population moving to new jobs, student needs, home renovations, etc.
No matter what the need, the self storage industry in UK is moving towards fourth generation facilities in another decade.

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