Cohesive silicone gel implants vs saline implants|Types of Breast Implants|

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Cohesive silicone gel implants vs saline implants

Plastic surgery is one of the fastest growing sectors today. The reason behind it is the fact that it brings easy and quick beauty solutions and in this respect breast implant surgeries are the biggest testimony. The concept of breast augmentation is a kind of cosmetic surgery where the implants are inserted beneath the breasts of people in order to enlarge the size. The type and size of the breast implant completely depends on the factors like the breast anatomy of the patient, the elasticity and the skin thickness, the body type and how big the patient wants her breasts to be. In the present day, looking good is almost a lifestyle necessity and it has its effects in both personal and social life. Hence the present cosmopolitan women are going for breast implant surgeries for giving a complete look to their personality.

saline implants

In the present time, a number of women are opting for the breast implants to make their breasts look fuller and bigger. Besides, the breast implant also works as an alternative method to make the body beautiful and curvaceous after the mastectomy for breast cancer or for any other reasons. But before considering this process to enhance your bust size, you must learn that the breast implant can be of various types and one can only choose the type of breast implant for her through a thorough consultation with the surgeon. So, the following section of this article contains the types of breast implants in order to make you informed about the types so that you can communicate with your surgeon in the best possible way.

Silicone Implants

These breast implants are made of silicone substance and silicon gels are placed inside the implants before the surgery. There are several advantages why this breast implant procedure so hugely popular.

•  They provide a complete natural feel.

•  They are very safe to use.

•  They come in two shapes specially round and tear dropped and any woman can go for any of the two as per their choice.

The type of silicone implants in vogue are more improved than the one which has been used long back when these kind of implants where first introduced. In the present day,the improved version of silicone implants is called cohesive gel implants.

Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants

When silicone gel implants were first introduced it has a problem of leakage. In case of leakage, the silicone gel would mix in muscles and tissues and create lumps which if untreated can be problematic. But in cohesive gel implants, the silicone gels are so attached to each other, that even if there is a leakage the silicone gels will remain in the breast implant.

For a long time cohesive silicone breast implants where not approved by the food and drug administrative department of USA but research and evidence with time showed that there is hardly any harmful effects of this type of breast implants. Today cohesive gel implants are FDA approved.

Saline Breast Implants

Sterile saline water solutions are filled in silicone shells and this type of implants are called saline implants. The insertion of saline water in the implant can be done in two ways. It can be pre-filled or else the implant can be inserted and through a valve the sterile saline water solution is inserted in the implant. The biggest advantage of saline water implants that in case of any leakage there is no bodily discomfort as the saline water is missed in the internal body space. The disadvantage of this type of implant is the fact that does not come with longevity of life. Moreover, they are tend to create folds and wrinkles which can be discomforting.

The decision to go for the type of breast implants should always depend with the surgeon. For this reason, finding the right surgeon is very important as the success of the surgery only depends on him.

Now when you are aware of the types of the breast implant, it is the right time for you to ask your doctor to advise for a reputable and suitable surgeon along with the clinic or hospital where the breast implants are performed with utmost care and perfection.

Besides, before meeting the surgeon, don’t forget to research about the training and experience of the surgeon as it is always preferable to get this surgery done from the reputable professional who have a specialist training and several years of experience in the field of breast implant surgery.

Hi I am Natasha Gomes, an independent professional photographer. I thought of going for breast implants last year and form stable gel implants that is the the cohesive gel implant was my choice. It was during this surgery that i learnt a lot about breast augmentation surgery and implants.

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