Try Theses 8 Hardware Ideas To Create A Shaker-Style Kitchen

There are several reasons why shaker-style kitchens are still popular today. Shaker decor and Shaker themed items are versatile enough to be used on both traditional and modern style kitchens. They are also elegant and very classy, which means that they are a good option for those of you who prefer classic inspired kitchens to heavily modern aesthetics.

However, Shaker kitchen design is also very versatile, and you can experiment with different styles all you want. Provided you know which types of items and furniture to use, you’ll be able to furnish your kitchen to have a very unique and elegant look.

Hardware Ideas

Having said that, there are three items that you will have to think about if you want to give your kitchen a very Shaker-like theme. First of all, you will need to think about your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are often considered as one of the most important decorative elements of a kitchen, and like most decors, they can really change the overall theme and appearance of your kitchen in a very subtle manner. Secondly, you will need the right tiles. Tiles are essential for creating a Shaker theme of your kitchen, whether that theme is contemporary or traditional. Finally, the last thing you need to worry about when creating shaker-style kitchen are the counter-tops, since they provide content to the rest of your kitchen area.

So if you’re looking to have a more classic looking kitchen, you should try theses 8 hardware ideas to create a shaker-style kitchen.

Footed Bar Pulls
If you want your kitchen to look only slightly classic then cabinets that feature arced, footed pulls are the ones that you should choose. These pulls feature all of the traditional and decorative elements of a classic Shaker door without being too overt or fussy about it. These light and dark cabinets are also particularly useful for bringing contrast and artistry to a stale looking kitchen.

Because of their more traditional appearance, cabinets that feature arced and footed bar pulls are suitable for kitchens with stone tiles, marble counter tops and classical or rustic themes.

Stone Mosaic Tiles
Stone mosaic tiles are designed for traditional and rustic style shaker kitchens. These tiles are durable, attractive and they are perfect for any type of classic theme, and since we’re talking about Shaker kitchens, they are very compatible with the chosen theme. Stone mosaic tiles also look good under various levels of lighting and offer a somewhat somber ambiance that is characteristic of many Shaker style kitchens.

Hardwood Tiles
Hardwood tiles are ideal for a Shaker kitchen mainly because of their elegant appearance. Hardwood tiles are also compatible with state of the art appliances as well as classic looking counter tops and kitchen cabinets. They also look good under minimal lighting, and various types of kitchen appliances, which mean that they are fairly versatile, if you want to combine Shaker aesthetics with other styles. The only problem, however, is that these kinds of tiles tend to be delicate and vulnerable to damage, so extra care is required.

Flat Bar Pulls
Cabinets with unique pulls are one of the most common characteristics of Shaker style. One of the most common examples is flat bar pulls which come in multiple lengths and finishes, depending on the nature of the cabinet and its overall style. It’s also worth mentioning that they have an accentuated length, and have a more modern appearance compared to other styles and aesthetics.

Flat bar pulls are typically found among white or dark shaker cabinets, so if you do decide to get these cabinets, it’s best to pair them up with concrete or stone counter-tops as well large rectangular tiles with stacked patterns, so as to create a more modern appearance.

However, aside from their generally modern appearance, flat bar pull cabinets also come in various shapes and designs, and because of this, you should try visiting websites that offer additional information about different types of flat bar pull cabinets. Cliffside is one good option, but there are other online resources as well.

Accented Wire Pulls
For those of you who prefer a more traditional look then you should get cabinets with accented wire pulls. These types of cabinets typically have tall crown moldings, bronze faucets as well as decorative hoods. Their cabinet doors also have a very classic-like appearance. With these cabinets, you can add more traditional decorative items around the kitchen and even pair them with other classic elements, such as decorative hood surrounds and plate racks.

Tubular Bar Pulls
Needless to say, cabinets that feature tubular bar pulls are designed to look modern. However, these types of cabinets are not only suitable for modern looking kitchens. They can also be used on traditional style kitchens to give them a more modern look. Although tubular bar pulls may seem out of place on a Shaker style door, they actually fit well provided they are used on short and classic looking doors.

The best place to kitchen a Shaker cabinet with tubular bar pulls is in a kitchen with skinny, mosaic tiles, modern pendant lighting and a somewhat modern reinterpretation of Shaker themes.

Concrete Counter Tops
The reason why you should get concrete counter tops is that they are versatile pieces. They are useful additions to any Shaker-themed kitchen, regardless which style, furniture or tiles you want to use. They also look good under various levels of lighting, and they can compliment a Shaker style kitchen cabinet in a very nice way.

Furthermore, concrete counter tops are also durable and reliable counter tops, and they add a certain degree of elegance to any kitchen provided they are regularly cleaned and maintained.

Marble Counter Tops
Marble counter tops are very beautiful, and they can make an elegant looking kitchen even more beautiful. With Shaker kitchens, however, you will need to be subtle in how you arrange these counter tops as they might end up looking out of place. Also, marble counter tops need plenty of lighting, and high quality kitchen furniture. The good news though, is that these counter tops look good regardless of which style you want to use, which means that they are suitable for both traditional and modern Shaker themes.

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