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No matter where you are, one thing is universal when it comes to waterslides: you’re going to get wet. So jump in your swimsuit and be prepared for some of the greatest rides of your life. The best waterslides in the world are spread around, each bringing something different to its guests.

Best Water slide World


Wildebeest is a water slide world located in Indiana. It was built in 2009 and opened on May 7, 2010. Named after the African Wildebeest, it coincides with the park’s safari theme. Until 2012, it held the record for the longest water coaster in the world, running 1,710 feet long.


The ride operates through a heavily wooded area. The ride lasts about two and a half minutes, which is a long time in perspective of the ride. It rises up and drops at different intervals, as well as through tunnels. Some drops are as drastic as a 45-degree angle.



Wildebeest was beat as the longest water ride in the world by another waterslide in the same park. Mammoth opened at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in May 2012. It is just 53 feet longer than Wildebeest.


This ride lasts right around three minutes. There are six major drops throughout the ride, each more drastic than the last. Between the fifth and sixth drop, the boat begins a right-turning helix, spinning the passengers around. This makes for one of the best waterslides in the world.

Blizzard Beach


Located in Disney World’s Bay Lake in Florida, Blizzard Beach is ranked the second-most visited water park in the world. With a variety of waterslides and other attractions, none can match Summit Plummet. This waterslide is one of the best in the world.


Standing 120 feet tall, Summit Plummet is the main attraction of Blizzard Beach. The gift shop even has a hole shaped like Ice Gator on the other side of the waterslide, suggesting he jumped off the summit and crashed through the building. When riding this, your speed tops out right around sixty miles per hour. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the tallest and fastest waterslide until Insano at Beach Park located in Brazil took the title.



In contrast to Wildebeest and Mammoth, Insano is one of the fastest waterslides, only lasting about four or five seconds. This time seems to last even longer with the swift drop from fourteen stories high. Faster than Summit Plummet, riders will reach speeds of 65 miles per hour.


From the top of the ride, a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean can be seen. Insano was built in 1989 on the beach of Porto das Dunas in Brazil. It has attracted thrill seekers from around the world. Those wishing to take the plunge must ride on your back with your arms and legs crossed. Because of how sharp the drop is, your body becomes airborne through part of it.



The Bulletbowl is located in the Beijing National Aquatics Center. The center was finished in January 2008. The building was originally intended to be used during the Beijing Olympics, but has now been opened to the public. The Watercube was redesigned, making one section into a water park. In 2010 the building reopened, marking the two-year anniversary since the Summer Olympics. Along with the wave pool and spa area, there are various water rides, including the Bulletbowl.


The Bulletbowl is one of the main attractions at China’s first indoor water park. It starts at the top of a tower with two riders in a double tube. Together they race down the enclosed section, gaining speed until they enter the bowl of the ride horizontally. The force that they enter the bowl is so great they are able to slide around the edges of the bowl until being hit by a spray of water, which forces them into a corkscrew towards the center. From this point the rider exits into the pool, sending them towards the Lazy River. This ride is like no other in a water park, completely unique in the way the rider travels through the bowl.


There are many different waterslides around the world. Each has its own unique way of giving riders the best experience. For those extreme adventurers, find the rides that reach the highest speeds, defying gravity. For those who are a bit more cautious, there are still water rides for you. Find the best waterslide in the world for your adventure level.


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