10 Most Popular Types of Flowers Given as Gifts (2020)

10 Most Popular Types of Flowers Given as Gifts (2020)

Most Popular Types of Flowers Given as Gifts (2020)

When it comes to floral gifts, it all boils down to their meaningfulness. You need to know what are the best flowers to send when you are trying to pass a certain message. We have many types of flowers in the world, but very few of them can make wonderful floral gifts.


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The best bouquet to be given as a gift is the one that conveys what you truly feel for that person. If it’s an occasion, ceremony, or event, a flower gift should express the emotions felt at that moment.


This guide will show you some of the popular and best types of flowers that are always given as gifts. It will also reveal what they stand for.




When love sweeps you off your feet, you need proper types of flowers to express what you are feeling for that special person. If you are low on cash and still want to send romantic flowers, carnations are the best option. Carnations are ruffly flowers that are found in many different hues. You can get them in white, pink, and red. Pink carnations will work as perfect gifts for young lovebirds on Valentine’s Day. A bouquet of carnations has a low price tag, and they convey new love. They also work well as Mother’s Day floral gifts. Avoid yellow carnation as they symbolize disdain. Solid pink and white carnations are the best options.



Lavender has a sweet fragrance and is the perfect type of flowers to send when you want to convey devotion. It is a stress-relieving flower due to its sweet smell that calms the nerves. If you know someone who is going through a rough time, sending these flowers will help them to release their stress. These are unique flowers, and anyone will love them. Their sweet aroma makes them perfect garden flowers that can be planted in your backyard.



Does anyone you love going through hardship and needs the inspiration to keep him or her going? The best flowers to send them are purple irises, which stand for faith and hope. You can also get the iris flower in blue, white, and yellow. Named after a Greek goddess called iris, these flowers were placed next to the deceased grave to help him or her pass on to the next life. They believed that iris, the goddess, was personified as a rainbow and linked heaven with earth. Irises make wonderful gift flowers for anyone you admire. The best thing about them is that they grow naturally all over the world.



Tulips have small, simple layered blooms that are usually associated with Easter during spring. Tulips symbolize love, and they are perfect floral gifts for the Easter holidays. Put them in a basket filled with eggs, and you have a perfect gift. Tulips came from Turkey and Persia. They are used in wedding ceremonies. If you are going to send someone red tulips, you should know that they stand for unity and perfect love. White tulips are meant for forgiveness, while yellow tulips are meant to cheer anyone going through a tough time.



Rose flowers are popularly known as romantic flowers. You will see dozens of red roses painting the streets during Valentine’s Day since it’s a romantic holiday. They come in many colors, and they convey beauty and love. Whenever you want to send a message of love, the rose flower won’t disappoint. In ancient Greece, the goddess of love was associated with the rose flower, Aphrodite, and the planet Venus. The price tag of these special types of flowers is on the higher end. The most popular color of the rose flower is red. We also have yellow roses, which convey friendship, the white rose for innocence, and hues for admiration.



You should opt for sunflowers when you want to show loyalty, happiness, and warmth. That is because sunflowers are bright yellow in color. The sun nourishes these flowers with its light and warmth since they grow towards it. You can send sunflowers to express the warmth that person brings in your life or when you want to brighten someone’s day. Before European exploration, these bright flowers were used as food. Sunflowers don’t necessarily need the sun to blossom; they can grow all year long. The seeds and oil from sunflowers are still used as food or skincare products.



If you want to dignify love and joy by sending flowers, then gardenias are the perfect option. You will get these flowers in the white, plus they have a sweet fragrance. The white color is what gives them the purity and joy significance. If you are looking for a lovely gift this Christmas, go for gardenia flowers. They are kind of expensive, though. You can also send them to weddings due to their pure connotation.



If you can’t find the perfect flower gift for a new mother, a bouquet of daisies will be perfect. These lovely flowers convey innocence, purity, and youth. Daisies are also consumed as food in the form of tea and are therapeutic for respiratory problems. They are also medicinal since they can make a lotion to heal wounds and skin irritations.



The exotic orchids are known for luxury, strength, and beauty. There are over 20,000 orchid species that come in many different hues. The most popular hues are pink and purple. To convey new beginnings like a new romantic relationship, you can send yellow orchids. You will get sweet fragrances with the orchid flowers. Additionally, the vanilla flavor, which is used to make ice creams, for baking, and for making yogurt comes from vanilla orchids. Besides being given as gifts, orchids also have medicinal values for curing coughs, lungs, and kidney diseases.



Lilacs make awesome Easter holiday flowers since they usually bloom in spring. That is why they are known to convey renewal and rebirth. You can also send them to anyone who has landed a new job since they also express confidence. Their beauty has inspired artists like Monet and Whitman. Their fragrance makes them ingredients in making essential oils and perfumes.




Flowers are wonderful gifts that have been used for years in different cultures. Their beauty is what makes these colorful parts of plants stand out. Another thing that makes them awesome gifts are their symbolism. Whatever message you want to send, you can always use flowers. You can use it in happy and sad times to bring happiness and to comfort.