Ways To Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun

In the spring and summer, when the sun is getting radioactive, it is essential to pay attention not only to exposed areas but also to hair. Any significant variations in temperature harm the health of our hair. Therefore, in the heat, our hair suffers no less than in the cold. Under the influence of solar irradiation, hairs lose moisture, and their structure is destroyed. Besides, under the control of the sun, hair loses pigment and “burn out.” Blond girls often use this, treating strands with unique means that attract the sun’s rays. However, such procedures do not pass without harm to the health of hair. Do not forget that the sun affects the skin, including the scalp, even though it is covered with hair. Most burns the forehead and a parietal section of the head. To minimize the adverse effects of a hot summer, it is essential to follow a few simple tips.


Hair care products

For moistening

Currently, many manufacturers produce various conditioning products in the form of sprays and gels. They cover the hair with an invisible film that protects them from ultraviolet rays. It is advisable to use a lighter texture. However, be careful with the oil. Some manufacturers (mainly for inexpensive brands) produce oils and fluids for the tips of the hair, to which non-soluble silicones are added. They accumulate in the hair and gradually clog the cuticle. In this case, natural moisture does not get into the hair, and they acquire a stable, dry structure. Together with ultraviolet rays, we get a harmful effect, similar to the impact of hair tongs or curling irons.

For nutrition

Under the influence of the sun, hair loses its beneficial substances. To enhance the moisturizing and nourishing hair, you can use various shampoos and conditioners that contain vitamins and amino acids necessary for nourishing hair. There are special series for the period of active sun. The shampoo washes away dust and dirt from the hair, and the conditioner nourishes and closes the cuticles so that beneficial substances are kept inside the hair.

For protection

Many brands have now released sanitary protectors – products containing SPF filters to protect hair from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. These funds are applied to the hair before going out.

We can also help our hair from the inside by taking vitamins A, E, B. These vitamins stimulate hair growth, protect and nourish it with american lifestyle magazine.

Additional care recommendations:

In the summer, wash your hair as often as possible. In addition to shampoo, use conditioner to soften hair and replenish nutrients that the sun has spent during the day;

After each swim in the sea, it is advisable to wash the seawater from the hair, because salt loosens the hair structure, it dries and breaks.

If you are swimming in the pool, especially with chlorinated water, apply conditioner-spray or the regular clean water on your hair. It will fill the cuticle, and chlorine will no longer penetrate deep into the hair.

Do not forget to cover your head. It protects the scalp from the sun. However, keep in mind that long hair, which looks out from under the hat, is going to suffer from the sun. Therefore, give preference to wide-brimmed caps to protect the head and face. As for the material, look for straw hats or cotton Panama hats of light color because dark colors attract the sun. If there is no such one at hand, use a neck piece, a bandanna or a towel: even an umbrella, anything that can get in the way of dangerous ultraviolet rays.

If possible, wash your hair every day. Oil glands work more active when it is hot outside, and if you will apply oil or use sun-protection cream on your head, it will become dirty faster. In order not to make your hair dry washing it often, it is crucial to find a shampoo, which fits you.

If possible, visit a beauty expert. You can nourish the hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, and strengthen the hairs using injectable mesotherapy for the scalp. It is recommended to undergo a course of mesotherapy after returning from the sea. It is also recommended injection free mesotherapy, in which under the influence of oxygen, the introduction of serum into the layers of the epidermis takes place.

As for the components, which should be in the composition of summer hair care products are as follows:

UV filters and SPF protection are the most critical components in the line of summer hair care products.

Oils, for example, jojoba, shea, olive, macadamia, argan, oak bark extract.

Panthenol absorbs the sun’s rays and provides the best protection for curls.

KPF – Keratin Protection Index. Sometimes, instead of the usual labeling SPF, we can meet the KPF index – it indicates the degree of protection of keratin hair in percent, KPF-90 is desirable.

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