12 Best Job Hunting Apps

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The 12 Best Job Hunting Apps


No one ever told that searching a job is easy. On the contrary, you have been preparing for this process for years starting from the high school as you have already heard that it’s not so easy to find a job even if you are a professional, and if you have no experience, this may be even more difficult. Still, today job searching is not like it was when you were in high school. Everything has changed with the risen popularity of the Internet and on-going process of developing new apps for different spheres of social life including the job searching. These applications are more than just a list of tips and recommendations for creating a stunning CV. They can promote you online and attract job hunters to your profile. However, most of us still do not understand how to use those apps in such a way to make the most out of them.


This guide is totally dedicated to the job hunting applications that will definitely be of assist for everyone who is currently looking for a job. Additionally, we will explain to you how to use these apps in such a way to get all the benefits out of them.

How to turn dreams into goals

Jobs by CareerBuilder.com


Career Builder is one of the most popular websites among those who are searching the job, so that’s quite obvious that the app they have launched has a huge popularity among the job seekers and head hunters. What’s good about it? First, it is free, which makes it even better among other apps on the market. Also, it gives access to more than 2mln vacancies posted in US region. However, to be able to get a job here, you need to create a stunning resume. A quick tip: it’s better to use professional CV writing services especially if you have no experience in creating CV and resumes for special apps and websites. Thus, the result of your searches will exceed all your expectations.


Monster.com Jobs


This is another free apps that have proved its effectiveness for the job hunters. The developer states that they have only the most high-paid jobs here with more than a million opportunities. It’s extremely easy to create a profile here and add your resume, as you may upload it with one swipe. Thus, the resume that you had written before or that you have ordered can be easily used with this app. You do not need to answer a bulk of questions thus you save your time for more important things.


iPQ Career Planner


The one drawback of this app is that cannot be installed on any Android device as it has been created specially for iOS. You can use this app for free, however, if you want to get regular reports, you need to pay $0.99 for each report. One of the best things in this apps is that you need to pass the test that will help you determine your weak and strong sides that will eventually come in handy for choosing a job.


Pocket Resume


If you have no resume yet, this app will be perfect for you. The matter is that with the help of this app you can create your own resume using your smartphone only. Using Pocket Resume you will be able to reach the potential employers quicker, sending your CV directly from the app.


Indeed Job Search



Indeed is one of the most well-known platforms with a huge number of job opportunities for everyone. It has access to millions of jobs around US and other countries, and you can track all of them using this app only. To apply for the job, you need to attach your CV and supporting files, so it’s better to keep them on your mobile device all the time.


Simply Hired



This job search app is definitely one of the most popular ones in US. Along with other giants, it provides access to a huge number of vacancies across the US. We loved this app for the simple navigation. It collects all the vacations and selects the best ones for you. Just select your preferences, and you will get the most suiting jobs for you.





This is another application that has conquered the world of job searching. It has access to the list of part-time jobs as well, so it is highly popular among the freelancers. Besides, it allows easy search of the full-time job, thus making this app one of the best ones in their niche. Many of the users have estimated SnagAJob with 5 stars which prove that this application really can help to find a job.





This app is loved by everyone who uses iPhone and is ready to move to another city next to your current place of dwelling. It has an autofill option allowing to fill the job applications with a single tap and the ability to paste your text cv with one tap. Another great thing about this app that all the links will bring you directly to the page of the vacation, so you will easily check the requirements and job description.





LinkedIn is one of the biggest networks where you can find a huge number of various job opportunities. You just need to fill a profile adding there all information about your previous experience, your skills and your certifications. The head hunters will join your network and in case they are interested in cooperation with you, they will write you a message. Also, here you may follow the biggest companies or the organizations that are interesting to you to check their open vacancies and job possibilities. One of the best things here is that you may ask your former colleagues to write you feedback to make your profile look stronger and enjoy skill endorsement that will show your competence in performing certain kinds of activity.


Interview Buzz PRO


Invitation to the interview is not your goal, right? You need to find a job thus you need to be able to pass the interview successfully. However, even the experienced job hunters not always understand how they should behave during the interview and how to answer the questions given by the potential employers. Interview Buzz PRO is a great app that will help you understand how to answer even the most provocative questions and how to turn the interview into your favor. It has question blocks for different industries and even countries, so you will definitely be well-prepared for the interview.


Interview Prep Questions


This is another great app that will help you prepare for the interview. It contains the most popular questions that have been asked during the interviews and that no one mentions in the guides on how to ace the first communication with your potential employer. It has a huge number of decks with various questions, and you may skip some of the decks, add decks to the favorites, and reshuffle the deck to get the most unexpected questions. We loved this app mainly because it’s free and it contains a huge variety of questions that you have never heard before.


Resume App

Did you ever have problems with creating your resume? Resume App is a perfect application or everyone who wants to create an effective CV but does not know where to start. This app is free though it has some paid content that will help you write even stronger resume. If you are ready to spend a couple of $ on your future career, you will definitely enjoy all the benefits of a professional CV that attract the attention of the head hunters and potential employers.


As you can see the number of applications that help you to find a job is huge. There are apps that are mainly concentrated on creating an effective CV, making look it professional and encouraging head hunters call you. There are even applications that will help you prepare for the interview asking you the questions that you can be asked. And of course, there is a variety of applications that actually help you find a job. With these apps, you download your CV and other attachments, check current job openings that suit your preferences and may even get the reports on how many times you CV was checked by the head hunters. Our list of 12 best apps for job hunting includes everything that you need for a successful process of finding a job. You can download apps both for Android and iOS devices to keep tracking the best job opportunities.

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