4 Things Old People Should Look Out for When Opting for Independent Living in Phoenix, AZ

Making the move to independent living used to be a scary thought, but with the incredible new facilities and options being offered today, most people are actually looking forward to it. Independent living has all the benefits of living by yourself in your own home, but with help if and when you require it.

There are some things you should always look for when deciding if independent living is right for you, let’s talk about some of them below.

Independent Living in Phoenix

4 Things Older People Should Consider When Deciding On Independent Living

Some independent living places offer more options than others, but there are some things you should definitely try to ensure your provider has before you make any commitments.

1. Minor Assistance When You Need It. Cleaning our house is often something that makes us feel satisfied and nobody can clean it like you can. If you want to be able to do tasks like this, you should be allowed to. The same should be said for gardening. You should be able to have a garden if you wish, and maintain it also. Keeping these sort of hobbies is a big part of life for us, so don’t think that you have to be stuck in a small block somewhere without your favorite hobbies.

In saying that, nobody wants to reroof their house, erect a conservatory or chop down a 20ft tree in the back yard. With independent living you will get the choice to decide what sort of maintenance you want to do, and what you don’t want to do. We all like to be independent and keeping the things you enjoy is the number one way to do this. Another thing to consider is to look at homes that require very little maintenance in the first place. Expensive maintenance is something that nobody wants!

2. Keeping a Healthy Social Life. When living alone, it can be hard to keep up a healthy social life, especially if you are no longer able to drive long distances. Independent living is all about having fun and having neighbors who you can enjoy and socialize with. Nothing could be worse than never seeing your friends or never making new ones, however with independent living you can do both.

3. Enjoy Life and Experience More. When we get into our wisdom, we can find ourselves with more time on our hands now that we have got a few essentials out of the way. Time consuming things such as having children, making money, a full time career and keeping a household going seem to slowly disappear. This is the prime time to start enjoying things that you have been too busy for in the past.

Some independent living providers will have active schedules of events, activities and parties to attend. If you have ever felt like this is something you would love to do with a group of great friends, independent living may be exactly what you are looking for. No more having to worry about finding people who want to attend places and events with you, instead you can join in with the community and go as one big fun group.

4. Choice of Meals and Transportation. If cooking and driving are becoming too much of a burden for you, independent living can help. Often you are given the option of if you would rather cook your own meals in the privacy of your own home, or, attend the meal times. Eating meals with a group of good friends is something that many people grow to love, having lived by themselves for many years.

Transportation is something that weighs heavily on your mind as you graduate from middle age. Some of us are unlucky enough to have deteriorating eyesight or other health problems that force us to surrender the right to drive. Many living providers have transportation plans for you. Any time you want to go somewhere you can be chauffeured there, and back if you wish.

Major Benefits of Independent Living

Independent living doesn’t have to be something to shy away from if you still feel young. Many people just like yourself have decided that enough is enough and they are going to enjoy their older years. Deciding to opt out of time consuming and arduous tasks such as home maintenance are high on all of our list of priorities. Making the move to independent living is something that should be looked forward to as the peak of your life with great friends, fun social activities, great meals and a fulfilling life.

If you are still thinking if independent living in Phoenix is right for you, ask yourself when you are going to start enjoying life and giving up the burdens of some tasks that seem too far over your head.

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