6 ways to help you secure your ID cards

ID security is important for a wide range of different reasons. You want to make sure that you and your staff are protected and thankfully there are different ways to ensure that happens. Here we look at six ways to help you secure your ID cards:

1. Watermark

For many aspects of security, a watermark has been a tried and trusted security feature. This is usually a subtle way to add a security feature to your ID cards and makes it much harder to replicate by anyone looking to get around your security.

2. Tactile Impression

The tactile impression, is a relatively new feature, offered in a desktop card printer for the very first time by Entrust Datacard. A tactile impression utilises a die during the print process to imprint a permanent stamp into the laminate of the card and is one of the most secure features available on a desktop card printer. When printing, the stamp is impressed, allowing an attractive and easy way to visually verify the authenticity of your cards. This security feature is cost effective and won’t compromise the laminate seal, therefore extending the durability of the card significantly.

3. Photo

Using a photo is a vital way to secure ID cards. Anyone can pretend to have the name of another, but if the faces don’t fit, they’ll never be able to get through. People may complain about having their picture taken but, in the end, it’s one of the best ways to secure your ID cards.

4. Logo

A company logo is something to be proud of. It’s also a simple and great way to make your card stand out and add an extra level of security. Only your company is going to be able to use your logo and it instantly makes it recognisable.

5. Lamination

The lamination of cards is a simple way to seal in security, as it covers anything printed below. Having that thin layer of plastic over the top of your ID cards will help to prevent any tampering. Not only does it seal in that security, but it also helps to prolong the life of the card.

6. QR codes

QR codes have been helping to improve security for a while now. They are very hard to replicate and will be able to show your security systems that the card matches the individual. Barcodes can also be used in the same way to keep everyone safe.

Further security measures

While all these 6 reasons are measures that can be added to a card, you also want to have additional layers of security too. If you have an ID card printer then you want to make sure that the access that people have to it is going to be restricted.

This includes having an audit of when cards are printed, who for and who by. If you have been using the same ID cards for a long while, then it’s also a good idea to change the design and issue new ones to protect your company from older cards being used incorrectly.

A vital security measure

ID cards are a simple but highly effective solution. They will help to prevent such crimes as data theft which can be damaging for many companies. Here at ID Cards Direct, we are experts in all types of ID card solutions and if you want to protect your business, contact us today to see how we can help you.