Who does not want to enjoy the family getaway, planned within a budget? A family vacation happens to be a well-deserved treat – a gift for our loved ones. Options are ample, besides staying at a neighbor’s place or with your grandparents. With some perfect planning and creative ideas, you can cut down the vacation expenses. Money should never be a hindrance. And these precious moments will never come back. So, try not to miss out on the fun and enjoy it to the fullest. Go for a well-planned travel plan, choose the places with a lot of precision. The rundown of eight steps to planning a family vacation within a budget will help you further in decision making. Read on to gain some ideas on how to go about your memorable and pocket-friendly holidays.

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  • Take full advantage of the airfare sites

Keep a strict vigil on the online airfare sites. Some of them offer budget-friendly deals. Scroll through several websites to get the essence of the various price range. These websites provide specific promotional details. Sign in to avail the same.

Moreover, many hotels or resorts turn less expensive during the off-season. The airline prices tend to go up during the holidays. So, you have to be practical while deciding on your air tickets, as well as the hotel fares.


  • Check the online travel sites and avail discounted vacation packages


Check online travel sites regularly. They are pocket-friendly ones and result in considerable savings concerning family vacation packages. Many travel sites like Tripadvisor, Groupon, Holidify cater to various sorts of holiday packages. Try making your holiday schedule flexible to avail of the special discounts.

While checking this travel-site as mentioned earlier, do check their sources. These sites also help in finding out the general flight price, along with the hotel and the rental car prices. Remember to check the lowest cost before you book a hotel or rent a car.


  • Avail mid-week flights 


Many travel experts are of the opinion that the single best time to avail a travel deal is on the weekdays. There are specific times when certain airlines put up some flights for sale. But it does not often happen, especially during the holiday season. The flight ticket rates and availability varies, all-through the week. You will be able to compare the ticket prices better. With a flexible holiday plan, look out for the various options of low ticket rates. Many flexible travel dates curb the ticket cost. Prefer flying mid-week instead of weekends. It will save a lot of money.


  • Trim down on extra expenses


Trim down the additional costs while on vacation. Often trimming down these excesses makes your pockets lighter. When booking the rooms online, thoroughly check what the hotel has to offer. Many hotels believe in serving complimentary breakfast along with the packages they have to offer. Go in for those hotel types to eliminate one meal’s cost. A room with a small kitchenette is also not a bad idea. 

If you are a frequent flyer, avail the special discounts that the airlines offer. Sign in their regular flyer program, to waive off your baggage fees. Check the requirements regarding your passport, with time in hand. It will ease you from paying a hefty price for expediting the entire process. While on the move, take note of the potential discounts. These discounts primarily mean for academic scholars, senior citizens, and army personnel. Once at your holiday destination’s airport, avail public transport. You will automatically cut-down on your thoroughfare expenses.


  • Be adventurous


Stir the adventurous soul within yourself by pre-booking some trekking, hiking, or a couple of days camping. It feels great to spend a couple of nights in the wild with your dear ones. You have all the liberty to enjoy the time to the fullest. And to top it all, spending the nights inside the roof tents sounds more adventurous and thrilling. Stack your things on the car roof racks, chalk-out the camping adventure with your family. You can also opt for various water activities, fishing, golfing, riding, and many more. Treat your family by thinking outside the traditional hotel room!


  • Travel light to avoid extra baggage fees


Pack your bags, and keep them as light as possible to save in the extra expenses. Many airlines are charging quite heftily for checked baggage. It will turn out to be a considerable amount when all your loved ones’ bags add on! We all love to carry a token of remembrance from the places we visit. You can cut down on that expense by shipping the same in advance with the help of the online sellers. You might get a surprise, with the gifts reaching your place before you arrive home! 


  • Plan for pocket-friendly meals


When on vacation, enjoying your daily meals at good restaurants will burn a hole in your savings. Do not depend on the daily supermarts or the fast-food joints. They are not too cheap either. Once you reach your planned destination, visit the nearby grocery outlet. Purchase the ready-to-eat/cook food packets. You can cook them in your leisure time, in the hotel kitchenette. And if not so, believe in a nutritious diet. Cater packages of healthy food like cereals, seasonal fruits, dry fruits, bread, cheese, and peanut butter for a leisurely and easy-to-digest breakfast and quick lunches. There may be moments you did like to visit the right restaurants. Plan for lunch instead of dinner. Lunch will be pocket-friendly than dinner, in most places.


Always be a smart traveler, and apply the cash saving strategies, while on a family holiday. There are many opportunities, and you can avail of while planning for a vacation within a budget. The above eight steps will assist you in being calculative and stay within your budget while on vacation. Keep all the discussed strategies in mind, while on the move. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest with your loved ones, without getting mush hassled for unnecessary expenditures.