9 Situations When To Call A Fast And Affordable Plumber

9 Situations When To Call A Fast And Affordable Plumber

Around the home, there are many situations where you will need to call a plumber. It is helpful to know how to prepare yourself for these situations so that they do not turn into emergencies. Knowing what steps to take beforehand can help you avoid having a plumbing emergency continue beyond just being an inconvenience.

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Burst Pipe

A burst pipe is one of the most common issues that people face with their plumbing. A serious water leak can cause extensive damage to your home if it goes on for too long. If you discover a burst pipe, turn off the water supply to stop additional damage from occurring. Water flow can be stopped by shutting off individual valves or at the main valve to the house. Once this is done, call your plumber immediately.

Knowing where all of the water shutoff valves are located in your home will expedite the process of stopping the flow of water should a burst pipe occur. It can help you save money during a plumbing emergency by preventing additional damage from being done to surrounding areas if the water continues to flow.

Blocked Drain or Toilet

If your home’s drain is blocked or the toilet is overflowing, you must act immediately to avoid another mess developing. Don’t hesitate to call plumber in Orange County to unblock drains and toilets quickly and efficiently. When calling a plumber about an issue like this, know your price range and be ready with a list of plumbers that you would like to hear from.

A Toilet Won’t Stop Running

This is another situation where it is important to act quickly. A running toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water in just one month, so the problem needs to be rectified immediately.

A running toilet automatically adds pressure to your plumbing system. This means that any other issue that arises in the home will require immediate attention because your plumbing system is already stretched to its limit.

Stop The Flow Of Water To Your House

If there is an emergency or even a heavy rainstorm, you may need to stop the flow of water into your home to avoid flooded basements and water damage. You can have a plumber install a backflow preventer which is an attachment that will allow your home’s plumbing system to be turned off from the outside of your house. This will keep you from having to deal with broken pipes and additional flooding if there is a stoppage of the flow of incoming water.

Overflowing Washing Machine

A washing machine can overflow or a drain may become clogged and cause damage to your home. In this situation, you must act quickly because the water will continue to flow until you take action.

To avoid more damage from occurring, turn off the water supply to the house first and then call a plumber for assistance. Water flow can be stopped by shutting off the individual valves or the main house valve.

Frozen Pipe

If you experience extremely cold weather, your pipes may freeze. This can lead to significant damage if they burst or crack. You can prevent this by getting insulation covers for exposed outside pipes and leaving the faucet on just a bit to keep them flowing.

If you find that you have frozen pipes, don’t attempt to thaw them with an open flame or you will risk causing a fire. A plumber can safely thaw your pipes without the risk of damage occurring to them.

Toilet Overflow

One of the most common reasons for needing to call a plumber is if your toilet starts running or if it becomes clogged. This will cause damage to your flooring and create an unpleasant odor in your home. If this happens, act quickly to stop the flow of water into your home by turning off the main water supply to minimize additional damage. You may also want to call a plumber immediately to help you with the issue.

If there is a burst pipe, it is important to turn off the water supply as soon as possible. When this has been done and the leak has been repaired, your plumber will be able to inspect your entire plumbing system for any potential issues that haven’t yet created problems for you.

Leaks in the sewer line

When you have a sewer line leak, it can lead to an unpleasant odor and even damage surrounding areas. If you know that the issue has occurred because of how your flooring has been affected, then call your plumber about the problem as soon as possible. Sewer line leaks require immediate attention and can be rectified by a professional who is familiar with the problem.

Grease Trap Backups

If you own a restaurant or another foodservice establishment, you know that you need a grease trap or interceptor to collect waste oil and other greasy substances. Building up of these materials can cause backups, so call a plumbing service for assistance if this happens.

Emergency Plumbing? Preparing For The Worst… And It’s Happening To You!

If something does go wrong with your plumbing, you must be prepared for what might happen. Effective preparation will help you to handle any emergency that comes your way. Use this advice before it happens or call a plumber immediately if the situation arises.

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