About Jocelyn Steffen

About Jocelyn Steffen
NAME: Jocelyn Steffen




ADDRESS (just the city!): I live in Bemidji


BIRTHDAY : February 26th


My ambition in life is to live happily ever after doing what I love: writing and bringing people together because of it.


How are you, really
I am okay – bummed that it is cold enough to snow outside and it’s the middle of May.I still want to achieve more, so I can say I’m really okay.


What’s your favorite color
My favorite colors are sunshine yellow and tropical orange.

What was your favorite subject in school

My favorite subject in school was math and my favorite subject in college was Creative Writing (love it to this day).

What do you do

I making myself busy with things like earning money, so I can be the person that I want to be.

What are your currently focussing on

I am in the process of writing my first memoir called “Numb”.  It is about what it was like living through five deaths of those very close to me in only two and a half years and the first death was my own.  Yes, I was clinically dead with others leaned over me giving me chest compressions.

What kind of music are you into

I am an 80’s metal head (love 80’s heavy metal rock music!) but when I want to relax I listen to

What accomplishment are you most proud of

I am proud that I accomplished all or most of the things I should do on the each day.

Are you married

I’m married with three boys.

Describe yourself

I am very positive, easy going and love people most of the time.  I have a fantastic sense of humor and do NOT tolerate any kind of bullying or scamming of others.  I worked in law enforcement for that very reason!

Favourite Food and dessert:
Anything Pasta and for dessert, my Grandma’s fresh blueberry pie.


My favorite books vary from “A Stranger Beside Me” True Crime story about known serial killer Ted Bundy by author and past friend of his, Ann Rule; to books about being and becoming a writer, and “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.


My favorite movies: Those vary as well from “Goodfellas to just about anything with Adam Sandler and his group of friends and well known actors.  I also love old Jerry Lewis movies.  I’m always a sucker for a good comedy that makes me laugh until it hurts!
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What do I do:  I am a full time Freelance Writer, in the process of always learning the writing way and about owning my business.  I also recently started crafting with scrap wood, putting them together and creating one of a kind signs.  I paint and ‘distress’ them to make them look antique.  I love it!


The scariest thing I’ve ever done?
I’m doing it now – I’m following my dream as a writer and entrepreneur.  And I’m doing a lot of it alone.


Accomplishment I’m most proud of?  
I have a couple:  I gave birth to my three boys – natural birth too.  None of that numbing epidural or spinal or c-section by personal preference.  Another?  I dove in, head first to college at the age of 30, and graduated four years later with my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.  My emphasis was in behavioral sciences and investigations.


Something I’m not so proud of?  
I quit high school during my senior year, only to get my GED the next year.  My test scores were some of the highest in the state – both Math and English/Literature!  So, walking with everyone during my college graduation felt like I was capable of doing anything at that point.


If I had a dream job for a day, it would be to act.  I don’t care where – a movie, a sitcom, or a commercial.  Even a voice for a cartoon character.  I have that much character in me to be able to do it, but living in Northern Minnesota, we just don’t have those kinds of opportunities here.  Reason number #112 why I wish to move away from here.  (Don’t know if you want to put that or not.)


The first thing I notice about people for some really strange reason, is their voice.  The way they talk.  I have this strange obsession with the way people talk.  Their tone, the way they form words, and how it feels on my sense of hearing.  I quite often read people by the way they talk.  I do believe that most people have good in them.  We just don’t always see it the way each of us expects that we should see it, which is actually a selfish way of thinking.  It’s just another way to judge one another.  Of course, going back to the voice thing, I guess I kind of use that to judge a person or rather read a person.  The more they talk, the more of ‘them’ I gather and understand.  Especially if it’s a fake tone or use of words.


Something that people really don’t know about me is that I have a burning desire to become an actor.  Seriously no one knows this about me.  It’s not a midlife crisis thing either.  I have always thought I would make a good, humorous actor and it would be so much fun!  I LOVE humor, and when I see funny commercials I believe I can do that too – maybe even better!  My face expressions always enhance what I feel and people love it!  I guess I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  I do cry easily too.  I mean really easily.  I refuse to watch drama type television shows or movies, and when it’s a dramatic Facebook post or commercial on TV, I ignore it completely.  To me, there’s too much drama, depression, stress and anxiety in this world of ours.  Especially our country.  However, my first book “Numb” is not a hilarious gut wrenching comedic read.  Just saying.
Because of all the death I’ve been through and surrounded with in the past few years, I am at peace.  I know there’s an afterlife.  I am not a psychic medium, however I am sensitive to some of the afterlife.  Because of this, I have become more spiritual than ever in my life!  I feel very blessed and special because of what I’ve been through.  Death has stared me in the face numerous times recently.  I wouldn’t feel cheated if I died tomorrow.  I feel that when I go for good, it will then be my time.  I know this in my heart and soul.  I believe that we don’t have a soul….we ARE a soul.  We have a physical body.  God has given us all the physical aspects for us to learn, to enjoy, to suffer some, and be thankful for.  Every so often when I am sad, stressed, depressed or even happy, I make my ‘happy list’.  I list this on my personal blog.  One of the first things of every single day that make me happy and smile real big-like, is early in the morning when the sun is just coming up over the horizon.  I cannot see it yet, but the tops of my tall jack pine tress see the sun, and that’s how they show me.  🙂

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