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NAME:Ella Rich


ADDRESS (just the city!):



November 9


My ambition is to become successful businesswomen & writer.

How are you, really

I still want to achieve more, so I can say I’m really okay.

What’s your favorite color:

I love all the colors but mostly pink and yellow most.

What was your favorite subject in school:

English and business studies

What do you do:

I making myself busy with things like earning money, so I can be the person that I want to be.

What kind of music are you into:

i love all king of music but hip-hop, jazz ans some times soft songs make me feel good.

What accomplishment are you most proud of:

I am proud that I accomplished all or most of the things I should do on the each day.

Are you married:


Describe yourself:

I am very positive, easy going and love people most of the time with fantastic sense of humor.

Favorite Food and dessert:

In dessert-Chocolate-Mint Bars and gulab jamun and in food-pizza,burgers.

My favourite books:

Pride and Prejudice

My favourite movies:


What do I do:

I am a full time Freelance Writer, in the process of always learning the writing way and about owning my business.

The scariest thing I’ve ever done?:

I am doing it now – I’m following my dream as a writer and entrepreneur.  And I’m doing a lot of it alone.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of?:

I am confident,self dependent and wants to be successful enterpreneur and make efforts.

Something I’m not so proud of?


If I had a dream job for a day:

I want to be a heroen of movie.

The first thing I notice about people:

for some really strange reason, is their voice.  The way they talk.  I have this strange obsession with the way people talk.  Their tone, the way they form words, and how it feels on my sense of hearing.  I quite often read people by the way they talk.  I do believe that most people have good in them.
Something that people really don’t know about me:is that I have a burning desire to become an actor and director.

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