Latest Autograph About Olusola Sekinat Sanni

Latest Autograph About Olusola Sekinat Sanni

Latest Autograph About Olusola Sekinat Sanni


Olusola Sekinat Sanni

What is your ambition in life?

My ambition in life is to become a microbiologist as well as a CEO of a renowned fashion and dry cleaning business that ease stress for humanity by its helping hands

What do you do?

I am presently a microbiology student

What is your favorite sport?

My favourite sport is football. Goal keeping is what I really fall for. It makes me to be at alert and be calculative. Being the only girl in the family of four, my brothers used to play while I stay at the

How you keep yourself fit and fine?

I actually do this by disciplining myself not to eat all I see or rather all my mouth wish to be fed with

What is your favorite color?

My favourite color is pink. It signifies cuteness

To whom you like to spend your time the most?

I love my friends and I I’m not bored around them

What are you currently focusing on?

I’m focusing on how to become a graduate first then, other plans will fall into place as God would help me


What kind of music are you into?

I love gospel music. Frank Edwards and Don Moen songs are a great soul lifter for me

Are you married?

No, I am not married.

Describe your self?

I am a believer. A phlegmatic personality. I love to see other people
happy. I’m hardworking and I love seeing myself excel at whatever I lay my hands on. It gives me courage to keep on moving

Favorite food?

My love for rice and beans is so great

My favorite books?

Holy bible. The stories in the book always meet my need in life

My favorite movie?

Korean movies

The scariest thing i’ve ever done?

Well, I can’t really say

What would you love to be?

 I would love to be a Nurse

What can you guess

The first thing I notice is facial expression. I can tell what mood one is by just looking at their faces

Which lines inspires you

Winners don’t quit, never give up. The race is for the persistent

what you want to be

I want to become a successful career woman and a great wife and mother


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