Read Latest Autograph About Sristhi Agarwal Today

Read Latest Autograph About Sristhi Agarwal Today

Q1. Ambition

My ambition in life is to be a successful blogging coach and help people launch their own setups especially women so that they can establish an independent income stream & lifestyle.

0.2 How are you, really?

Well, I think I have never been better. It took me a lot of self-confidence and courage to change my stream and turn into an online marketer. Today, I’m happy that I did do that and brought a huge change in my life.

What’s your favorite color?

I love yellow. It is a sign of brightness and positivity. Also, I feel it gives me an encouraging vibe.

What was your favorite subject in school?

I loved Biology. It was one of the reasons I took biotechnology in school, graduation and even did my masters in it.

 What do you do?

I am blogger, You Tuber and a Podcaster @The Sristhi Agarwal Show. I write blogs and educate people about blogging through my website I also provide content marketing services to my clients. I have a small team with me. I have a small but valuable client base.

What are you currently focusing on?

My main focus as of now is to grow my blog to a great level. Also, I’m trying to set up my e-store where I will launch my e-products soon.

What kind of music are you into?

I love any music that spruces up my mood. I love many bands like Queen and even individual singers like Katy Perry, Freddie Mercury (Lead singer of Queen), and Justin Timberlake etc.

Are you married?

Yes, I’m happy married. It has been 3 years now.

1.4 Describe yourself

I am a hard working person who loves to motivate anyone who wants to become something in life. I love writing and as of now I have written many blogs articles, newsletters, emails etc. for my clients and myself. Someday I wish to write a book too and settle only when it becomes best-selling.

1.5 Favorite Food and dessert:

I love trying local cuisines and eat only vegetarian food. One of my favorite foods is Dal Tadka & Rice though I love having delhi’s chole rice. For desserts, I love newyork cheesecake.

1.6 My favorite books

I have not read many books but I’m trying to inculcate a habit in me. Some of the books that I have read, among them, I like dotcom secrets by Russell Brunson. Currently, I’m reading “Ikigai”

1.7 My favorite movies:

I am a movie maniac. I love watching movies and would jump out of my chair if I get a company to watch any latest release. One of my favorite movies is Avengers (all parts)

1.8 What do I do:

I run a blog site, a YouTube channel and a podcast. I also provide content marketing services to my clients.

1.9 The scariest thing I’ve ever done?

Well not scary but I did do some adventure sports which was a bit scary for me. I tried Scuba diving in Andaman’s. In case of my work, changing my stream from biotechnology to digital marketing scared me at first. But self-confidence in me kept me going.

1.10 Accomplishment I’m most proud of?

Till now I have only micro achievements but one that I like the most is my website that I launched. From knowing nothing to launching my site, I did put in a lot of efforts to reach here. Hope there’s more good news in the journey ahead.

1.11 Something I’m not so proud of?

I think there has been no instance as of now that made me feel not proud about something. I feel great about my work and have passion for it. In fact my personal life is in a great place. So I feel proud about every micro-achievement.

1.12 If I had a dream job for a day

I won’t exactly call it a job. If I have to take someone’s place then I would love to be Neil Patel for a day. I want to know how it feels like to achieve something that huge and still remain so humble.

1.13 The first thing I notice about people

I notice how people greet me. If a good handshake or a smile is missing then it concerns me a bit. I like to establish a comfort when I meet someone for work or even personally because opening up in a new crowd can be challenging for some.

1.14 Something that people really don’t know about me

I can dance really well and can give a lot of expressions. One more, I love my mother insanely and love to do things for her that makes her happy.

Any funny situation you would like to share ‘

When I decided to switch my stream from biotechnology to become a digital marketer, it was pretty challenging. I had no knowledge of it and I knew that I will have to start from scratch again. It was my mother’s constant support and belief in me that kept me going. I also learned from my past 5 years that I’m capable of making very strong decisions and ready to face even the toughest of situations.

what do you suggest youngster who are in a verge of giving up

I would suggest millennials to not treat “giving up” as a casual vocabulary. Giving up is a pretty strong emotion that can break a person from within and therefore no one should mess with it. Don’t put your foot forward into something if you are not ready for it. Don’t give explanations and make excuses because failures often result when people don’t work hard enough. So be focused. Don’t be in a rush to see results. Every process has a course of time and you must have the patience to go through execution.

What Are Your Future Goals?

As per my future goals, I like power but I want to achieve it only when I’m ready to handle it. of course, getting rich in the process is important too but I wish to roar one day with my success. My immediate goal for this year is to launch my course for blogging. I have also few products lined up that will be available soon on my Instamojo store.

My future goals are aiming at building a loyal audience and helping them in any way I can. I am especially looking out for an opportunity to help women who wish to do something in life. If someone would like to do a future collaboration with me, then I would like to conduct some seminars or workshops where I can speak with them directly and help them find their way to independent living.

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