Read Latest Autograph About Abu Racheal

Read Latest Autograph About Abu Racheal

Latest Autograph About Abu Racheal


Abu Racheal

What is your ambition in life?

My ambition in life is to always reach out to others and always try to make them happy.

What do you do?

Currently, I am a student, studying medical laboratory science, and am also into fashion and designing,
script writing

What is your favorite sport?

My favorite sport is basketball, I really love to watch and play this sport.

How you keep yourself fit and fine?

First thing i do is to have a good sleep, eat clean and healthy food and I do regular exercise.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue, because its makes me look good and different, I prefer other colors too, but my love for blue is immeasurable.

To whom you like to spend your time the most?

Most of the time I spent I spent with my family, my family are the closet and we have become good friends.

What are you currently focusing on?

I am currently focusing on my career and how to become a great scientists

What kind of music are you into?

My favorite kind of music is gospel songs ,I also like to listen to slow and cool music, its makes me feel relax.

Are you married?

No, I am not married.

Describe your self?

I am a God fearing and hardworking lady, with a good sense of humour, I like to motivate others and help them pull through their challenges

Favorite food?

I love eating fruits and vegetables.

My favorite books?

I love motivational books like the “secret of the secret” place by Bob sorge.

My favorite movie?

I love narrative movies, I love allied and greyhound.

The scariest thing i’ve ever done?

The scariest thing I have done is when I have to escape rubbers who attacked me, it’s was really a scary experience i will never forget

Accomplishment I am most proud of?

So far i am proud of being a fashionista, and am also proud of my counselling program, it’s gladdens my heart, and i consider all as a start of career , I hope to achieve many other things, as a writer a scientist a counselor and as a woman to fulfil my purpose in life. I love setting goals and i want to pursue them with my hardwork and dedication.

What made you strongest in life

Failure makes me the strongest

What you regret most in life

What i regret most in life, is that i didn’t realize my ambitions early.

Tell me your strategy to counter failure

I never give up when ever I fail, I keep on pushing till i become a success.

How do you deal with stress in life

I always create time for rest, even if its little.
In my life, I have been through a huge list of unfortunate things that have happened to me,people who have used me for material gain, people who only come to me if they need something from me, the feeling of being isolated, and being an option to people and not a priority in their lives. I remember all those times but things have changed so much for me and for the better Because of all the pain I had to endure personally, emotionally, now I have become a stronger person, I have a whole new pizazz on life, a whole new approach to trusting very few people, choosing my friends wisely, opening up my eyes more and making sure I make the right decisions about hanging out with the right people. Everything in my past that I went through, has shaped who I am today …I Give myself a break if i feel stressed out

What i regret most

What i regret most is that, I wish I had listened to my gut more.We fail by learning from our setbacks and making the necessary adjustments until we succeed. Every change we make, every person we meet, and every bit of information we absorb is coming together so we can create a different outcome.
We can’t stop obstacles from appearing in life, but we can choose how to handle them. They may block our vision temporarily, but if we persevere then we can discover opportunities that have always been waiting for us on the other side, Never give up.
I Eat healthy, well balanced meals.

What are 5 things you would like to change in your self

Exercise on a regular basis

Get plenty of sleep

5 relationship rule you follow

Rule 1: Talk every day

2: Believe your partner

3: trust your partner

4: Laugh every day.

5: Respect my partner.

List 3 things nobody knows about you

Things people don’t know about me.

I love meditation
I love research
I influence people alot
My constant dream from child hood is the dream of becoming a great and wealthy person, and the dream of becoming a successful scientist

Things I would like to change about myself

Things I would like to change about myself are

Start living a well balance life

Face my fears

Live in the moment

Experience the joy of learning

Accept myself

About me  

Currently, I am a student, studying medical laboratory science, am also a fashionista and a writer.

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