Learn how to do Airbrush Tattoos-A detailed Overview

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Airbrush tattoos are becoming a huge trend in the entertainment world. In addition to being a cheap and painless way to enjoy body art, they are also incredibly versatile and can be used for many things from parties and having a good time to work and earning money.?Airbrush tattoos can be just as elegant or edgy as a real tattoo, or represent cute and childlike designs as well. Learning to apply airbrush tattoos is relatively simple and most of all fun?.

Tattoos and Piercings in the Workplace

This article is meant to help beginners by recommending supplies and some basic airbrush tattoo techniques that are necessary, for the aspiring airbrush tattoo whether you are just doing airbrush tattoos for fun or you are trying to start an airbrush tattoo business.

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Airbrush Tattoo Supplies – The Basics

As an aspiring airbrush tattoo artist the supplies required for airbrush tattoos can vary depending on the types of designs you wish to do, as well as how many people you will be tattooing. The main supplies you are going to need to start applying airbrush tattoos are: airbrushes, paint, air hoses, an air source, workstation and design stencils or templates, and cleaning tools.   Cleaning tools are necessary in order to ensure that the airbrushes, hoses and other devices remain in good working order. In addition to tools used to clean your supplies, you will also need things like rubbing alcohol, and cleaning pads to ensure that your client’s skin does not have any excess oil or dirt that may shorten the life of the airbrush design. Additionally, when working with paints all day, it is important to wear gloves and change them frequently in order to prevent smudging or the accidental mixing of colors when working on your client.

Single Action Airbrushes vs Double Action Airbrushes

Choosing an airbrush to purchase can be kind of overwhelming because they come in a variety of styles, ?sizes and application uses?. Ideally for doing work on a large number of people, you will need several bottom-feed brushes as each color used will require its own airbrush.?

If you intend to use stencils rather than doing any actual free-handing, a single-action brush is sufficient. Single-action brushes have only one setting which is activated by merely pushing a button. If you have drawing ability and would prefer to free-hand airbrush tattoos, a double-action brush is required. These come in various sizes and allow for thicker or thinner lines depending on the setting used.  

Air hoses are a relatively cut and dry purchase as they are not very distinctive from each other. The attachment device responsible for the hoses is the real concern when purchasing airbrush tattoo supplies. Typically, you will need an air hose for each airbrush you are using. However, if you are working with several colors, you may end up with a bunch of hoses which have knotted together over time. The only remedy for this is to use a quick disconnect type of device. The only downside to this is that it requires two hands to remove and can be time consuming. The plus side to using a quick disconnect is that it makes it virtually impossible to end up with tangled hoses. ?

Airbrush Tattoo Paint? – Make sure to choose an FDA Approved Airbrush Paint

Airbrush paint comes in 2 different forms: Water based, alcohol based. Alcohol based paint is what can be found in most airbrush tattoo kits and is the most prevalent in the business. Though many companies sell what they refer to as airbrush paint, it is important to only choose FDA approved paints as they have been tested thoroughly for ingredients that may be toxic. Alcohol based paints tend to be the most thoroughly recognized by the FDA, and there are only a few water based paints on the market at the moment with FDA approval. It is recommended to applywater based airbrush paint in situations where the design does not need to last longer than a few hours.

Choosing an Air Source – Compressed Gas vs Compressors?

The final step to putting together your airbrush set-up is an air source. Purchasing an air supply should be done only after a bit of research as they come in a few different varieties, all with their own unique benefits and downsides. Compressed Gas air supplies are a good way to begin dabbling in airbrush tattooing as it is relatively inexpensive compared to a compressor and don’t require a large upfront investment.

These air sources do not require an electrical outlet and would generally be best for outdoor festival environments. Compressed gas models are also incredibly quiet, which is ?nice because the noise produced by other devices may not seem bad at first, but is capable of giving anyone a migraine after several hours of use. They have a relatively low up front price, however they are more expensive to operate regularly than some other models.

Compressor models are a good choice, if you are just starting out and simply do not have the funds to drop on a higher end model. They do require a power supply which is fine for any indoor environment, but not the best for festivals and mobile gigs. They can be incredibly loud due to the motor, however this noise can be alleviated slightly by placing them in an enclosed container. They also tend to have lower operating costs, though the upfront price may lead to a bit of sticker shock. There is some controversy as to whether compressors or compressed air models are the superior air supply. The true answer likely lies in the needs of each individual user. You will have to determine your personal needs before purchasing an air supply, and make the decision accordingly.

Airbrush Tattoo Stencils and Template?s

For those who are not artistically inclined, stencils and other design templates will be absolutely essential to the operation of your business. Airbrush tattoo designs can be purchased specifically from vendors who specialize in supplies for airbrush tattoo artists. However, with a little ingenuity you can find unique designs just by going to your local craft store. Many art supply stores carry stencils for a variety of different projects. There are some designed to put images on cakes, as well as those typically used in kid’s art projects. Nevertheless, some of these stencils are the same type sold by airbrush supply businesses. In addition to a chance to decrease costs by purchasing non-traditional airbrush stencils, your creativeness will pay off because other airbrush tattoo artists will be using the same stencils that everyone else uses.   


After-Care ?for Your Clients Airbrush Tattoo?s

Other than the basic supplies required for applying your designs, some basic supplies for airbrush tattoo care will allow you to streamline your tattooing process. In addition to increasing your business’s efficiency and profitability, having your own after-care supplies will ensure that you do not have clients continually returning for re-touches which will cost you both time and money.  

Basic airbrush tattoo care involves protecting the design from both internal body moisture, and that from the elements. Additionally it may be necessary to protect the design from the natural friction caused by body movements, though this will depend entirely on the location of the tattoo. Once the tattoo has been applied, most airbrush artists will apply a skin-safe clear coat to the design. Skin-safe clear coat can be purchased from the same vendors that sell whichever airbrush paint you choose. After the clear coat dries, you can apply talcum or baby powder in a thin layer to absorb any excess moisture from the skin. After taking these small after-care steps your clients will be delighted that their airbrush tattoo is now water and sweat proof.  

Airbrush Tattoo 101 – Thanks for Reading? and Have Fun

Airbrush tattooing is an incredibly versatile and? popular form of art, ?entertainment and fun? among both children and adults. Starting a business of this type is not easy, however once you have built the groundwork with good supplies and a plan of action, you will find that turning your business into a successful venture is a lot less stressful – and more fun – ?than you may have once thought?.

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