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 Berkeley Parents Network best baby gift

Choosing gifts for infants of any age can be complicated. Generally speaking toddlers aged between 0-3 are a lot easier to purchase a gift for. Whether it be a Birthday, Christening or Christmas occasion, there are a variety of memorable best baby gift to choose from.
Here are the three top baby gifts :
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Tailor Made baby blankets
Purchasing a baby blanket for your newborn isn’t hard at all. There are a number of materials, colours and styles to choose from.
Why not be more creative and have your very own personalised baby blanket made. You can have any colour or design you desire, also you could have your little ones name stitched with love on to the quilt.
Not only will this keep your baby warm whilst growing up but you will also have a great keepsake to give to them when they grow up.
Diaper Cakes
These are unique items which are great to give to expectant or new parents. Essentially these diaper cakes are packed with items suitable for babies. Such items as diapers, lotions, shoes and even teddies can be added to these cakes.
You can have these unique gifts tailor made and order them easily online. Make sure you pre-order these diaper cakes if you are looking for something more personal.
These items are available for both boys and girls and can be designed to suit anybodys preference.
Personalised Birth Plates & Plaques
These baby gifts are the most precious of all and they tend to be produced following the birth of a newborn.
Essentially, you can have your little ones tiny handprints or footprints imprinted on small plaques or even such items as plates. These are quite personal items and are often used as priceless keepsakes.
Purchasing baby gifts needn’t be a hassle. Either go online or head to your local baby store to pick up presents you can keep for a lifetime.
Amelia designs her very own baby gifts and is also an expectant mother. She spends her time sharing her love of gift creativity with new mothers. If you want to know how to find the right gift wrap online check out

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