Best Ways of Cleaning Commercial Companies

Each work environment presents different challenges as compared to another, especially when it comes to cleaning services. A reputed janitorial company will look to provide high quality cleaning and disinfecting services for various types of companies. Proper cleaning helps company staff work to their full potential by ensuring proper hygiene in maintained in the surrounding space.

One would need to get in touch with the best commercial cleaning company near me and get the following areas cleaned:

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  • Lecture halls
  • Food preparation areas
  • Break rooms
  • Workstations
  • Conference rooms

Sanitization and disinfection

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become very important for janitorial service companies to sanitize office spaces on a daily basis. Employees need protection not just from outsiders entering the premises every day, but also from some amongst them who may be going out. The cleaning professionals are trained to disinfect commercial spaces, and will always ensure that they are present on time every day. They are responsible for providing protection both from the flu and the Coronavirus.

Customer support for janitorial services

Although commercial janitorial services may not be required 24/7, it may become important to summon them at certain critical important times, outside of their shifts. There may be issues with respect to services, bills, and more as well, for which it becomes necessary to contact customer support. The reputed cleaning companies provide high quality customer service that has all the knowledge necessary to close issues. At the same time, it is easy enough to understand what the professionals say. Different language options may also be available.

Maintenance of landscapes

Commercial premises also have beautiful landscapes surrounding them, for which periodic maintenance is necessary. For a company which does not want to employ its own staff for this purpose, it makes sense to get in touch with cleaning franchise companies. Proper maintenance of landscapes is very important to convey the best images to tenants, employees, visitors, and even passersby.

Get cost estimates

Companies which provide janitorial services often have their own programs which run as per the following frequencies:


Based on a company’s specific requirements, each of these programs can be customized to generate reasonably accurate cost estimates.

Floor cleaning services and their types

The floor is likely to be the first area noticed by anyone who notices a commercial establishment. To keep it in good shape, the following types of cleaning services should be performed:

Machine scrubbing – A lot of wear and tear takes place over weeks and months in any commercial space. To make the floor shine properly, the cleaning professionals will have to scrub the dirty layers above with a machine.
Stripping, applying wax, and buffing- Here the floors are stripped to bare essentials first. Following this, wax is applied on them, which is subsequently polished to produce a beautiful shine.
Sealing and finishing- After a concrete shop floor is revived, it has to be protected from future damage with the application of a seal. Not only does the seal increase floor life, but also gives it a glossy look.
Carpet steam cleaning – Steam is commonly used to deep clean carpets. This helps prevent office allergies in the long run.

Grout and tile cleaning- Commercial companies adopt suitable methods to clean dirty and difficult grout without damaging the fitted tiles

Cleaning franchises- how lucrative are they?

The aim of any cleaning franchise is to help and participate in the growth stories of its associated businesses. As it creates a name for itself in the market due to efficiency, it makes sense for the company to exist as a franchisee. It exists in association with the larger company or the franchisor which is able to provide it with the necessary equipment and promotions. The franchisee benefits greatly with the legal authority to use the franchisor’s brand name. In this way, B2B customers are assured of the best cleaning services at highly affordable rates. This model is commonly adopted when the franchisor finds it difficult to manage all its outlets. However, in case of a growth story, the franchisor can keep a tab on its profits by allowing the franchisees to provide its services and by raking in a share of the profits.

Here’s why cleaning businesses are generally lucrative all throughout the year. This is because irrespective of the climate or business environment, companies all over the world will necessarily require janitorial services. In case of enterprises like hospitals, daily operations are simply not possible without proper hygiene and cleanliness. Apart from healthcare, other industries which need these services include education, hospitality, finance, and retail.

The franchisee here will take up responsibilities like account management, billing, account administration, and others as well. It will benefit by being able to take up major responsibilities, earning money, and knowing how to stand on its own feet using the available support.

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