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Flower decorations for the home are one of the most beautiful types of décor. Flower decorations can be simple or fancy, but even the simplest flower arrangements add color, life, and beauty to the home. Buying flowers from the florist is always an option, but you can also use flowers from your own yard or garden to make beautiful decorations for your home by Cheap diy home decor ideas. Here are some simple ways to use flowers as décor.


Flower Bouquets

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Adding bouquets of flowers to a room is the easiest way to use flowers in decorating. Bouquets can rely on seasonal flowers, such as tulips and daisies in the spring or chrysanthemums in the fall.  When flowers are not available outdoors, a trip to the local florist or farmer’s market might be necessary from time to time. Several different flower arrangements can be made from bouquets, as the flowers can be split up to decorate the house even more. Even a single daisy, rose, or other flower in a vase can change the look of the décor on a table. To save money in the budget, silk bouquets or other artificial flower arrangements are also ways to decorate.



Floating Candles


Combining flowers with candles is a gorgeous way to decorate the home. In bowls of floating candles, add petals of flowers or the whole bloom itself to the water. When the candles are lit, the flowers complement this romantic and elegant look. Floating candles and flowers are not limited to only inside home décor but can also be used outside when decorating for outdoor gatherings. Candles and flowers can be paired in pots, buckets, and even bird baths for a creative outside decoration.




Candle Holders


Flower pairings with candles do not have to be limited to the floating ones. Taking the petals and arranging them around the bottom of taper candles gives them a decorative base. Wrapping flowers around other sizes of candles works as well. This tip is an excellent way to decorate for romantic dinners or dinner parties. Guests will love this touch.




Potpourri in Bowls


Flowers can be used as décor as potpourri in bowls. Heads of flowers scattered in bowls add terrific color and a nice fragrance to a room. Even when the flowers dry up, the petals can be separated in the bowls, still working as an excellent source of potpourri. Dried flowers work well as home décor for quite some time.




Wreaths with Flowers


Flowers can be incorporated into wreaths any time of the year. Some homes sport wreaths on their front doors for different seasons and occasions throughout the year. The flowers that are popular and plentiful for that particular season will dictate which ones go into the wreath. Bright red or white poinsettias are perfect in a winter wreath, while pansies are fresh and colorful in a wreath for the spring season. Some individuals who are crafty and creative enjoy putting together their own wreaths, but opting to go with a florist is another option.


Flower decorations for home décor can really brighten up and bring life to the living space. Flower arrangements don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Many florists, such as 1-800-Flowers, can work with customers on desired styles within their price ranges. PromoCode4Share also offers many more options for flowers with promo codes to help save on flower choices.


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