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Dog toys stores across Australia offer a plenty of amazing toy varieties. One can find many toy varieties, ranging from balls to bones, Frisbees to ropes, loofah toys to rubber toys, plush toys and many more. However, because of this wide choice, how would the pet owners decide which toys are right for their dog and which are not?

First, and more importantly, the pet owners need to consider is the size of their dog. A large dog, of course, needs a toy different from the one that is for a small dog. Similarly, a small dog needs a different toy. The most crucial aspect to consider while purchasing toys is to see that the dog cannot swallow them. Large mutts too can sometimes swallow a ball or any other toy that is small for their mouth, especially when they are running and playing with the toy in their mouth.

Another aspect that pet owners need to consider before purchasing dog toys is to see their dog’s playing pattern and energy level. Some dogs are heavy chewer or dog chew toys and needs dense and durable toys like loofah bone or loofah ball (loofah is a safe, natural material). Some canines are hyperactive and needs throw and fetch toys like Frisbee or ball. Similarly, some doggies are inert and needs soft and plush toys like stuffed animal toy. In short, pet owners need to know the nature of their canine friend before making a toy selection.

After selection, but before purchasing a toy, the most important thing that pet owners need to consider is to find out whether the toy is safe or not for their pet. The label on the toy and description on it will help. See whether the toys are of safe material or not. Sometimes, inner stuffing of toys is of toxic material; hence, it is important to keep an eye out on the dog while it is playing with such toys. If such toys are torn or chewed apart, it is wise to throw them away in the trash.

To avoid such hassle of keeping an eye out on the dog while it is playing with the toys, is to provide them safe toys in the first place. Safe toys include toys of loofah material. Loofah is non-toxic and safe material of a natural vegetable sponge. Even if in case the dog ingests the toy of this material, it will cause no harm, as it is digestible. Besides, loofah toys are fun to play with, and can also eliminate stains from the dog’s teeth. Loofah toys are not rare items today, and pet owners can find many loofah pet toy varieties in dog toys stores across Australia.

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