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In a rapidly changing and developing world, acquiring cars as modes of transport has become essential. A trendy car combines style, functionality, performance and technology as the driving character for selecting it in the UK market. However many of these cars cause pollutions which in turn damages our natural environment and the human population. Green cars are preferably the best because they are environmental friendly since they do not pollute the environment and they use sustainable fuel resources. They use renewable source of energy to fuel the engine. The use of DVLA phone number to license vehicles is also an important factor, since this will enhance security. Make sure each and every requirement is up to the mark before buying the car and it is up to the satisfied level.

There are a number of green vehicle available into today’s market including;

Environmentally friendly cars
• Electrical cars
• Hybrid cars
• Hydrogen cars
• Solar cars

There are a wide range of green cars in the market and their popularity is increasing. The following are few tips for buying an Environmentally friendly cars;
• The perfect color
the color of the car determines a lot i.e. whether it is more or less Environmentally friendly cars. White cars are most preferable this is because the lighter the intensity the less the work done by the AC, not forgetting the right DVLA phone number. White cars also do not expose dust like any other color, thus making it easy to wash.

• Go for manual
a manual car is more efficient that an automatic car at sustaining fuel, hence improving fuel economy. Manual cars also hold less fluid and require less changes of fluid.

• Be simple and smooth
Too much make up for your car may make it look epic, but the truth of the matter is that they are not eco-friendly. It is good to keep lines clean avoid tools like roof racks and bug deflectors. This will help reduce drag. Pick the right spoilers for your car.

• Why you should chose diesel?
Diesel engines as far much as eco-friendliness is concerned, are nice. Diesel generates low and mid-range power than the gas engines. Diesel built cars last longer and can endure for a very long time.

• Sport suspension
the suspension of a car has an effect on a car’s eco-friendliness. The more a car has grip the less the breaks need to be applied when need arises. Hence a car with a sport suspension is preferable.

• Check on the plug-in access
Green cars like the electric cars are very eco-friendly only when they are charged well. The places you reside will determine a lot if this types of cars will work for you. Chose a suitable place where you would be able to plug in a car.
• Look for a long lasting vehicle
a good car is that one with a tax disc phone number and which will be in operation for years not just for eco-friendliness purposes. Do intense research and pick a car that will be on the road for a longer time. Chose a car with strength and that is reliable. An eco-friendly car has to be helpful for the longest time possible.
• Try different styles
larger cars use plenty of fuel because they are heavy. The size and shape of a car determines a lot. Buying a light weighted car is more preferable since they save money.
The following are currently, some of the best green cars in the market;
• Chevrolet Volt (2015)
• Honda Insight (2015)
• Lexus CT 200h (2015)
• Toyota Camry Hybrid (2012) Volkswagen Golf TDI (2015).

Once you have made a wise decision in choosing the right car for yourself, and have gotten one, make sure the DVLA phone number is installed in your car. So before purchasing this type of car, it is advisable to have DVLA phone number to ensure that the vehicle is maintained in the register of vehicles. Today everybody playing a part in protecting the environment.Together we can change the world and makes it a better place.

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