Facts You Didn’t Know About Hairline Lowering


Most people are comfortable with having proportional hairlines that match their facial features. A disproportionately high hairline or an extremely large forehead makes someone feel insecure about how they look. When self-confidence goes down, it also affects your career choices and how you interact with others. A high hairline can be caused by some of these factors: previous surgery that caused hair loss, hereditary causes, and hair loss.
However, all is not lost when you are suffering from hair loss in the hairline areas. Several hair advancement procedures will help you restore hair and get back your good looks. These procedures are normally called hairline lowering surgery. Both men and women can benefit from hairline lowering surgery. Its results are permanent and quite effective. We will explain the procedure to you so you can understand it better.

What is Hairline Lowering Surgery?

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When someone has a high hairline, it means that the forehead will look larger than usual. This is because the front scalp has lost hair. To reduce the effects of a large forehead, hairline lowering surgery needs to be done. The procedure aims to reduce the gap between the hairline and the eyebrow by about 2-3 cm. By doing so, the hairline will look more natural. Besides making that, it also improves the overall facial aesthetics.
For the surgery to bear fruits and produce the desired outcome, the doctor needs to look into several factors. These factors include the cause of the hair loss, the height of the hairline, the thickness of hair at the hairline, previous surgery, and scalp laxity.

Who is Eligible for a Hairline Surgery?

Although both men and women who suffer from hair loss in the hairline area can get the hairline lowering surgery, the procedure seems to favor women more than men. Ideal candidates for the hairline lowering surgery include women with naturally high hairlines or larger than normal foreheads.
The hairline lowering surgery is also a good hair loss restoration option for women and men who have a history of hair loss in their lineage. Other factors include flexibility of the scalp, quality of the hairline, and whether the forehead skin can stretch.

Hairline Lowering Surgery Types

The two hairline lowering procedures that are available include hair grafting or hair transplant and surgical hairline advancement. The surgical hair advancement technique involves removing a 2-3 cm strip of skin along the hairline. The scalp is pulled down towards the forehead and stitched once the strip is removed. To make the scar from the surgery unnoticed, the surgeon will suture the skin to cover the incision marks. Once the hair grows back, it will completely cover the scar. The hair transplant procedure can also help to treat high hairlines. This type of hairline lowering procedure involves covering the part of the forehead with transplanted hair. This technique works the same way as the hair transplant done on the scalp to treat hair loss. It entails extracting healthy hair follicles from the donor area by implanting them on the forehead. The back of the head usually grows healthy hair. Therefore, doctors prefer that area when extracting hair follicles.

What Should the Patient do Before the Hairline Surgery?

Consuming large amounts of salty foods causes swelling and fluid retention. Therefore, the patient needs to reduce salty food intake and alcohol.
The doctor will tell the patient what to do to strengthen the immune system and prep them for surgery. While consulting with the patient, the doctor will advise the patient on what to do to prevent infections and blood clots.
The patient also needs to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs a week before the surgery to obstruct or slow down the recovery process.

How Long Does the Hairline Surgery Take?

This type of surgery will take about 2 to 3 hours to complete. In normal conditions, the surgery is done once unless there is a need for tissue expansion. This will require an extra session. The patient will recover in a week or 10 days.


A larger than normal forehead makes a person feel uncomfortable and lowly of oneself. It diminishes self-esteem and makes you feel depressed and helpless. Fortunately, hair restoration treatments such as the hairline lowering surgery can help you get rid of a high hairline. However, you need to consult the doctor before opting for this hairline lowering surgery to know whether you are eligible.

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