Field Service Technician


A Field Service Technician

The Field Service Technician (FST) is the qualified professional employed in performing all the field operations and its maintenance. Technicians are also responsible for customer training, repairs and installations of electronic equipment at a given location. As well as repairing, replacing and installing electronic equipment, they also service networking devices, modems, printers and fax machines at a given location. In addition to servicing, the FSTs should be capable of troubleshooting a wide variety of problems.

These days, there are numerous organizations offering Field Service Technician training programs and certification. The courses offered by these organizations prepare students to work as field service technicians in a variety of industries. Field Service Technicians generally performs duties that require them to work with customers or technical/electrical personnel. They are usually hired as replacements for regular technicians, who are called in case of emergencies or maintenance.

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Technicians have gained high repute in the recent years due to several reasons. They work efficiently under difficult situations, which is one of the most important requirements of their job. They can handle the technical problems and maintain the overall efficiency of a network.

There are certain companies that are specifically recruiting field technicians and others are in need of qualified personnel for maintaining their networks and repairs of telecom equipments. It is not compulsory for a person to possess a degree in electronics or telecommunications to become a technician. Instead, he/she needs to undergo training that would equip him/her with the knowledge required for carrying out the job. Various telecom bodies offer courses and certificate courses for this purpose. A person wishing to join such a course can check out the internet for details.

There are several companies that hire and employ field technicians for maintaining their networks and repairing of telecom equipments. The companies hire field technicians from companies and other outsourcing firms on the basis of their experience and capabilities. These companies recruit experienced technicians who can work independently and fulfill all responsibilities assigned to them. A field service technician is required to understand the job requirements of his employer and at the same time, understand the telecom industry. Since the field service technicians usually come into contact with clients when there is a problem in the network, they need to be skilled and knowledgeable about the technicalities involved in fixing the problem.

The field service technician’s main responsibility is to carry out troubleshooting and repairing tasks related to telecommunications systems. Some of the services that a technician might be called upon to carry out include fixing the broken connections, installation of routers & switches, repairing the internet connections, installation of repeaters, troubleshoot fax machines, network cabling and updating the software applications. This is one of the few jobs that you can find online. However, it is a highly demanding job as every company demands efficient technicians to carry out their work. If you are interested in being a field service technician, you can check out websites that offer such positions.

What Is a Field Service Technician Job Description?

When you think of a Field Service Technician, one of the first things that come to mind is usually a plumber. However, this job description does not begin and end with a plumber. Technicians are also called upon in many different types of situations to provide support for military or civilian bases, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, power plants, railroads, and a number of other places. The field technician’s job description includes a wide range of duties. Some of the duties include but are not limited to installation, maintenance, repairs and maintenance of telecommunications equipment, like telephones, modems, VOIP equipment, and networking equipment.

One of the most important responsibilities of the technician would be to take calls for customers that are trying to reach a service center. In some circumstances, a technician will actually make the calls for the customers if no one is available at the call center to take the call. Other times, a technician will just answer the phone and forward it on to a voice mail box in the customer’s address, or even move the customer’s computer into the appropriate office if necessary. Technicians who work in call centers are responsible for ensuring that the customer is not experiencing any technical difficulties related to the transaction and are also trained to handle any problems that may arise during the course of the transaction.

Other aspects of being a Field Service Technician include answering phones, filing reports, handling correspondence, calling time and date, and tracking equipment inventory. In some cases, technicians will actually be stationed at the call center in addition to working off-site from their home base. These technicians will often stay late after regular business hours to complete any task that is requested of them. Sometimes, they will be required to stay later into the evening to help with other customer transactions. Other times, they may be on site all day long, but only need to be back at their home base when a customer first receives a call.

Another aspect of being a Field Service Technician involves the maintenance of an array of different tools and equipment that are used to support the overall customer satisfaction process. Most of these technicians have their own shop. This means that they have the building and tools necessary to properly and quickly resolve most any technical problem that a customer may experience. Along with these tools, many technicians will use their own equipment to help with resolving a problem. This equipment can range from basic troubleshooting features to fully functional machinery.

On-site or field service technicians will often receive extra training or instruction if they work in the public sector. Some employers offer their employees the opportunity to take courses, seminars or workshops in order to further educate them on specific areas of the hardware and software that they are using on a daily basis. They may also be required to complete additional training or certification in specific areas as well. It is always important to fully check the training requirements of any employer before applying for such a position.

The field service technician job description and duties listed above are pretty broad, but hopefully this article has helped to explain the general outlook for this career. Technicians often spend their workdays resolving problems with customers or performing maintenance tasks. However, in today’s world they are also capable of assisting managers or supervisors in the planning, development and execution of business plans. In addition, some technicians are responsible for managing companywide telephone system as well.

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