Four Ways a Fountain Can Bring Your Garden to Life 

Fountains provide a soothing screen from street noise, attract beautiful birds and butterflies, and create a garden focal point and most importantly invite relaxation. Fountains enhance your garden space, from being petite to grand and everything in between. Outdoor water fountains are great investments that offer many benefits for many years to come with their proper care and maintenance. So, if you are looking for fountain pumps, you need to select a reliable and reputable manufacturer.

It takes a lot of effort and works to keep up with the landscaping around one’s home. Time and money are often required to create that perfect and relaxing space where one can feel like they are temporarily removed from the stress of real life. Garden fountains are simple ways to immediately add beauty to your outdoor space, whether it’s a front lawn, meditation garden, or a back yard. With the variety of materials used, sizes, shapes, styles and colors of outdoor fountains, one can easily and quickly achieve a certain look and feel of a space with an outdoor fountain. In addition, outdoor fountains often last many years and require less maintenance than plants. Below are some of the advantages of adding fountain in your garden:

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Provide a Relaxing Ambiance:

You can use a fish pond and variety of plants or two to construct your peaceful, quiet, meditative oasis. While the looks and smell of plants, flowers and other plants utilize your senses to make your mind wander and escape, adding relaxing, ambient sounds can better enhance the atmosphere of your yard, garden or meditation space. Besides their beautiful, eye-catching appearance, the second thing you will notice the calming trickling sound of the falling water of the fountain. A fountain provides a relaxing ambience and easily enhances the serenity of a garden or yard.

Install a seasonal fountain that re-circulates water to keep the fountain working. Fountains that are located near the siding of a wall or house, and in the open area away from trees and bushes will catch fewer leaves, dirt, twigs and branches, resulting in less frequent cleaning. When plant debris isn’t cleaned out of the water promptly, they can decay, turning the water brown and possibly clogging the fountain’s pipes, so when looking for fountain pumps, you need to carefully choose which type of fountain will suit your garden best.

Reduce Unwanted Noise: 

Street noise can be disturbing, and those loud noises that combine together by the surrounding can be stressful. Outdoor fountains tend to be louder and bigger than their indoor counterparts. This can be of major benefit. Besides the calming sounds they emit, outdoor fountains can also lessen the unpleasant noises and intensity of loudness, such as noise from the neighbor’s loud music or traffic noise. With this advantage, you can still escape into the tranquility of your garden or even if you live in a busy place in the city or you live near neighbors who host multiple parties and gatherings.

You will be surprised at how even a soft flowing water sound can drown out other sounds around you such as voices in the next room, traffic, voices of dog that always barks every night at the same time and the neighbor in the apartment who walks and talks loudly. The sound of flowing fountain water will help you relax and offer you a unique sound to enjoy by removing out other sounds around you.

Indoor and Outdoor Decor: 

An outdoor and indoor fountain will add instant beauty to your home surroundings. Whether it is a large fountain, a tabletop fountain or a garden fountain, you are showing and decorating your style. A fountain is a piece of art that will quickly become a centerpiece for your garden. Interior Designers often use wall mounted fountains as a focal point in their decorating.

Improve Air Quality: 

Indoor water fountains help to improve the air in your home with negative ions, reducing air pollution. Dust particles are attracted by the negative ions, so your water fountain works to purify the inner air. The continuously flowing water in a fountain will not only calm you with its water sounds but will also relax you with negative ions. Water fountains provide much more stunning to look at than an ionic air purifier and can be less costly.

Fountains also act as natural humidifiers by adding moisture to a dry room. Humidifiers have a loud, buzzing or motor sound. Fountains humidify the indoor air while you enjoy the soothing sound of running water. Humidifiers can get mold and mildew build up quickly where a fountain with moving water will not do this. A water fountain can also help your indoor plants by adding extra humidity that is lost when heat or air conditioning units are running.

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