Get the new year Festival Look

Now that we’re getting well and truly into January, people all over the UK have already started booking their holidays, nights out, weekends, and festivals so they have something to look forward to in the coming year. We agree that it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, so we thought we’d give you some outfit inspiration for the festival season this year. Read on to get the new year festival look – enjoy!

Festival Look

Lots of Jewellery
Lots of chunky, junky jewellery really helps to create a great effect when putting your festival look together. Pile on rings of different colours and sizes, bangles, and delicate necklaces to create the perfect festival look. Just don’t wear anything really valuable!


Tassled maxi dresses, skirts, bags, and vests all look amazing at a festival, and create a gorgeous ‘boho’ vibe. They add plenty of interest to an outfit!


Wellies are a firm festival favourite and this new year will be no different. Treat yourself to a pair of Hunters or simply wear some black grunge boots – just make sure you don’t mind getting them pretty dirty.



Backpacks are perfect for festivals, as you can keep all of the things you don’t want to leave behind with you at all times, while still having a great time. You don’t have to worry about anything falling out, as it’ll be safe, sturdy, and secure. Much better than shoving everything into your pockets or a small side bag! Take a look at Sprayground backpacks – they have a whole range of arty looking backpacks, perfect to complement any festival look.



Bumbags are a smaller alternative to backpacks, if you don’t need to carry as much around with you. A nice throwback to the 90’s too (the era is having a moment)!


Holographic Material

Holographic material is said to be huge this year, so if you spot any make sure you buy, buy, buy! Whether you choose to wear a holographic t-shirt, or go all out and throw on some holographic trousers, you’ll stand out at any festival!


Lots of Texture

Festival outfits should be full of different textures to create interest. Choose tassels as mentioned before, and pair with studs, spikes, fluff, fur, metal, and more!


Oversized Items

Oversized items are comfy, yet they look really cool too. They manage to give anyone a ‘I don’t give a…hoot’ look. Choose oversized t-shirts and jumpers to get the desired effect!


Grunge Hair

Grunge hair is a must at festivals, and it isn’t too hard either as you probably won’t be washing it for the weekend. Take some dry shampoo with you and a good comb (to add bit of height if you need to), and all you need to do is spritz your hair whenever you think it needs a pick me up. If your hair has a natural wave, even better!


Multicoloured Hair/Makeup/Clothes

Plenty of bright, neon tie dye effects are spotted at festivals. They help to give a great ‘hippie’ look, and look perfect on shorts, t-shirts, vests, and even shoes! Why not take it one step further and dye your hair a bright, semi-permanent colour for the festival? Do the same with your festival makeup to make a big impact (if you plan on wearing any, that is)!

Above all else, make sure you have a great time at your festival. That way, you’ll really give off the authentic ‘carefree’ festival vibe without putting in any effort!


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