Give a bright look to your interior with new lighting trends

People are going back home and making their surroundings, not only the most comfortable space they can, but also to make them as green as possible. One of the ways homeowners have been able to achieve this and create a memorable statement of home decor is by making use of American made LED lights. Many American companies have been following the trend toward LED lights and the result is more choices being accessible to consumers at a much more affordable price.

Now as we head toward the winter months, having adequate light in our home spaces is crucial. The lighting choices can make a space either seem inviting or less than comfortable. Rooms that have a high activity level such as a kitchen or family room, for example, just have adequate lighting to be inviting. Conversely, areas that are meant to be relaxing and calming in nature have more muted forms of lighting and more pronounced areas of light and shadow for evening hours after the sun goes down.

Give a bright look to your interior with new lighting trends

Many architects, homebuilding contractors and do it yourself homeowners think that open concept architecture is the best way to go, rather than having larger, more open spaces within the home. While the effect can be dramatic, and spaces can be delineated by making use of open concept lighting. The use of focused pendant, recessed and other types of LED lights can turn light into its own artistic statement as well as enhancing signature pieces of furniture and activities around the home. Sometimes having a quirky placement for a light that has been previously unexplored. With American made LED lights, consumers can take objects such as old granite ware kettles or mason jars, for example and make beautiful, one-of-a-kind light fixtures that you won’t find in a home supply or lighting store.

Not surprisingly, scientists have recently found that the hue, tone and intensity of light can have direct effect on human moods and human health as well. Recent studies have shown that in addition to the rods and cones that we have within our eyes that allow us to see and to actually perceive light and shadow, there is an additional group of cells that has been discovered in the last few years. These cells, known as photosensitive ganglion cells, or ipRGC cells. These affect melatonin production within the brain and how we function during waking and sleep cycles.

In short, you want to choose a light spectrum for LED lights that is going to be conducive for the types of activities that are performed in that space. Choosing the opposite spectrum can affect those inside the space negatively on both a psychological level, but some researchers have found that the wrong kind of lighting can deeply affect health and how the body deals with illness.

Here are some ideas to consider for your interior living spaces following the latest lighting trends in LED lighting.

Themed lighting: Decor is now running along the tastes of homeowners and has given rise to some beautiful, energy efficient lighting that follows a theme. This light above the dining area is made up of many individual LED candle-like lights. The effect is dramatic and hails back to an earlier time while being completely energy efficient and flamelessly safe.

Combination Lighting:

This kitchen shows a beautiful variety of lighting choices. Recessed LED lights are used throughout both preparation and communal spaces as well as Indirect lighting set just along the cornice and beautiful retro, but perfectly modern Craftsman-style down lighting over the kitchen island. The space is well lit and enhances the joy of cooking in the space by featuring various architectural features.

This bedroom also features a combination of American made LED fixtures. Whether it is in the recessed lighting over that highlight the floor-to-ceiling brocade draperies or the elaborate chandelier in the center of the room, this space is warm, inviting, and can do much to relax the inhabitants in it.

Lights as art : Lighting, to some extent, has always had a sculptural element, at least within rooms where the light is a showpiece. In that sense, lighting can act as jewelry for the room. Yes, a striking fixture can stand alone and be beautiful and, when added to an interior, it can catapult the room to a new level.

Feature lighting

In spite of this room being well lit, the effect of highlighting areas of interest and the various textures found around the room create a calm atmosphere. Collected objects on the shelf are highlighted by hidden LED lights that can shine on them directly or indirectly. The voluptuous curve of the adobe fireplace insert is enhanced by using a soft, white light that draws the eye to the Navajo rug that lies on the tile floor just beneath the hearth. An indirect light in the corner beckons across the room to a pile of pillows at a window seat and offers an out of the way, comforting vantage point to view the entire room.




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