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Are you thinking of joining yoga class Zurich that offers special sessions for beginners to Yoga? There is no need of a second thought on the matter. But when you will start visiting the classes in person or browse their websites over the internet to finalize the one that best match your needs or budget, you will realize there are many different styles of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga Asanas

And this is when the real challenge comes in. You will find yourself confused which yoga style is the best for the greenhorns? Why don’t you follow the way adopted by your favourite sports persona, celebrities or leaders? Hatha Yoga Asanas has spread its fame all across the world. There are countless stories where people have improved the flexibility and endurance level of their bodies by regularly practicing this popular form of Yoga.

Yea, you get me right! This extremely popular yoga style is more of the betterment of the body, rather than the mind.

Hatha Yoga Asanas – What is it all about?

Originally found by a saint in India whose name was Yogi Swatmarama in the 15th century, this style of Yoga was mainly introduced to help people improve the fitness as well as the health of their body and mind to reach the supreme level of meditation. Integrating the practice of this yoga form in your day to day life will help you strengthen the muscles of your body and increase the flexibility of joints.

The word ‘Hatha’ is actually a combination of two different words – ‘Ha’ means ‘Sun’, and ‘tha’ means ‘moon’. Here the sun refers to the masculine power of the body and the moon refers to the feminine façade of your life.

Owing to the fact that this particular style of yoga integrates both polarities of the human life, it enables the practitioner to achieve the ideal balance between his body, mind and soul. When you obtain this perfect balance, you experience a great source of energy from within that brings you peace of mind and good physical health.

This Yoga style has become extremely popular in many developed countries like America, France, Germany and Switzerland. There are many yoga studios in Zurich that run classes in this particular yoga style and many other styles of yoga like Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga throughout the years.

Why Learn Hatha Yoga?

Following are the key benefits of practicing this yoga style:

  • Increased muscle strength and increased flexibility of joints in the body
  • Improved mobility of joints
  • Improved body posture and relief from neck, shoulder and joint pain
  • Relief from back pain
  • Increase the body stamina
  • Help reduce weight
  • Relief from stress
  • Enhance the ability to focus
  • Boost personal awareness; establish ideal coordination of body, mind and soul
  • Improve the functioning of endocrine, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and immune system of the body

So, what’s holding you back now? Don’t you want to uplift your life and leverage the physical, mental and spiritual health benefits of Hatha Yoga? join a good yoga class Zurich today!

Author Bio: Jennifer is passionate about teaching Hatha Yoga and many other styles of Yoga to the beginners. She works as a yoga teacher in one of the most reputed and renowned yoga studio of Switzerland.

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